La beauté sera CONVULSIVE ou ne sera pas.

Beauty will be CONVULSIVE or not at all.

André Breton

The Mont Order is a club of fellow writers and proponents of social change in development, and searching for  a powerful mission. Named after the mysterious Mont Order sect, whose origins are quite cloudy and distorted by conspiracy theories, this is the newest iteration of the club.

Mont flag painted face FOR USE as gif light

I see the Mont Order as an idea, just as nations are conceived as ideas designed to seduce crowds, but I see more potential in the Mont Order than in any nation. No nation is exceptional, but the Order is exceptional. If enough charismatic people could only learn to believe in a concept of nation-like community or demos that transcends all nations, as I have sought to persuade them in all my writing, then a world beyond the injustice and unilateralism imposed by archaic nation-states might be possible.

Because of its mystique, I believe Mont may have the ability to develop a body of support more persuasive than other collectives and anti-statist groups. Those other groups have tended to introduce themselves as clean slates – – purely ideological movements lacking the kind of superficial mythologies and icons displayed by established authorities and states. I believe these mythologies and icons are not trivial, but essential things people identify with and rally around when it comes to nation-statism. To effectively challenge nation-statism, those mythologies and icons presented by nation-states must not just be challenged but replaced.

The Mont Order is not a clean slate lacking in mythology and icons, like so many other political movements which bow down to nations and still treat them as legitimate. Rather, Mont already possesses a larger mythology surrounding it and images associated with it. Even if some elements of this mythology are negative, they make Mont potentially iconic in a way that might be able to capture the public imagination, if only the club will continue to gain more gravity and influence.

I myself have few plans for the Mont Order at the moment, although other associates may choose to be more ambitious if they wish. The Order will be committed to the ideas put forward by its associates. Already, the creation and growth of this association (purely via the Internet, I might add)  during the course of 2014 has been effective and I encourage it to continue to grow in terms of membership and impact.

The newest associate of the Mont Order is Harry Danilevics, whose statement accepting membership in the prestigious club follows a Skype conversation we had regarding the possibilities offered by the club. During the conversation, I explained to Harry that the Mont Order can be envisaged as a club of antistatist writers and thinkers who rely on the developing Mont identity and mystique to attract interest and publicity, as well as foster cooperation between associates as they pressure society to change to a stateless and caring alternative.

By Harry J. Bentham

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