La superstition met le monde entier en flammes; la philosophie les éteint.

Superstition sets the whole world in flames; philosophy quenches them.


Putting together anti-statist and anti-nationalist essays has been one of my biggest objectives publishing online. Challenging prejudices and established norms has also led many to embracing the idea of transhumanism/posthumanism, the idea that we can become more than human using technology and that this is a virtuous activity.

To support in disseminating essays, sci-fi literature and other contributions in this direction, I have decided to give much of it away as free bonus material added to existing books that can be found on Amazon. To have a look at changes and to see what is being offered in my published work right now, have a glimpse at my updated store over at Amazon.

I have recently been reviewing Jacque Fresco’s famous Venus Project at the most influential transhumanist publication h+ Magazine, and I am hoping for the review to make an impact since many people have pledged their support for the Venus Project, particularly online. I am in solidarity with these people, as I believe reconstructing society to cope with our rapidly advancing technology is very important, although I do not hesitate to criticize some of the obvious flaws in Jacque’s thesis, as is necessary in any review.

By Harry J. Bentham

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