Transformers (2007): it’s about sorting out the problems between machines in earth’s backyard. But will the people on earth be neutral?

In the neighborhood, or in the vicinity, are the machines, the transformers. They are from another planet, but fighting on planet Earth. That’s somebody else’s backyard.

Earth would be neutral and not involved whatsoever in the transformers’ problems.

That’s because people don’t have to take a side in a conflict if the conflict isn’t their own conflict. Neutrality is supporting neither, impartiality.

But the humans do all they can to help sort the conflict out. People go out of their way to help the transformers resolve their problems even though earth is neutral.

It would be that people have to: the transformers waging war on earth’s backyard is wrecking havoc all over the place. The army has to stop more wreckage.

On neutral turf

The inconvenience to the ebb and flow of life may be temporarily annoying as squabbling neighbors—or in the Transformer’s case, machines—let off steam on neutral turf.

It would be a pain if it happened in your backyard. Maybe you’ve experienced something like that in real life, where people use your backyard as a place for their problems.


The transformer Bumblebee (image sourced via google images)
The transformer Bumblebee (image sourced via google images)


The transformers are machines that were fighting each other on their home planet Cybertron, between the Autobots and the Decepticons. The Allspark is smuggled off Cybertron by the Autobots, but Megatron goes after it, and the war is transferred to Earth.

The Allspark is the origin of life on the planet. Whoever possesses it will have unlimited powers. Whoever comes out on top will possess these powers—for good or evil.

People on earth have become indirectly involved in the transformer’s problems.  It shows that people don’t stay neutral forever in the problems of others.

In reality, if a problem between people breaks out, and people are in the vicinity, there is a desire to assist in someone else’s problem, if possible. If there is a way to help out, people would. Especially if someone is in need.

In the case of the transformers, it’s a necessity to get involved.

The question you may ask is When is the point do you get involved in someone else’s problem?

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