Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) layers in a sobering sense of how the IMF spy agency is blamed for an explosion at the Kremlin.

The Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Mumbai premiere in 2011. Tom Cruise (Center).
The Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Mumbai premiere in 2011. Tom Cruise (Center).

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the IMF analyst are talking about the explosion in a rail-yard.

Did this really happen, they ask? They can’t believe they are to blame.

IMF didn’t really do it. Their disillusionment entered my senses with a touch of reality and became terribly clarifying.

Those to blame won’t take the blame, but something bad went down, and the innocent get blamed.

Getting blamed is one of the things we don’t take lightly. Blaming even goes back to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were in blaming mode there, but getting blamed by the other was heavy.

We don’t like being blamed, naturally enough. IMF doesn’t. To escape the repercussions of the blame game, IMF go undercover as ‘ghost protocol’, in unofficial capacity, although they aren’t really in the wrong.

Yet IMF won’t lie seething in the shadows. They won’t let the blamers get away with it. IMF will deal to who is really to blame, but won’t take the blame.

The bigger issue

Before the explosion, Ethan Hunt and his team were commissioned to take nuclear codes from the Kremlin, but the Kremlin explosion happens and IMF are blamed for the explosion.

The man with the nuclear codes is a Russian official bent on annihilating the world with the next “evolutionary” step. It is meant to solve strained US-Russian relations and bring peace.

There’s a problem there. Just avoid the relationship problem by annihilating it. Just like blaming, avoidance of problems in the relationship is convenient. Avoidance is annihilating the relationship so it is no longer a problem.

When a solution to a problem isn’t forthcoming, the alternative is blame and avoidance.

So how does it end?

Tom Cruise would be the guy we’d pick to win a fight in the end. He plays MIF agent Ethan Hunt tough but cool. Cruise does not make a false move, just perfect. By the end, this mission impossible is a matter of the guy who has the biggest fists and most resources to solve the problem.

In the end, the problem will get addressed, somehow. We would hope productively—if the guys who are really to blame own up.

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