In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Gotham City businessman Bruce Wayne, who is also crime fighter Batman, says superhero Superman should be brought down as he left havoc in his wake fighting villains.

Hey, Batman, what about you? Fighting injustice is what I do, I hear Batman say. Superman is supposed to save lives.


Then, a woman from the public testifies in court against the Man of Steel for his intervention into a situation in Africa. People died, but Superman wanted to protect the love of his life, reporter Lois Lane, who was there.

Good enough reason isn’t it? Why is everyone picking on Superman? He did save a life. For many it was at the expense of others. Superman should save everyone, shouldn’t he? Seems Superman can’t be everywhere. It’s the old question about God not being there when you need him.

The message comes through in unsubtle ways, but doesn’t leave Superman as a worthless hero or savior figure.


Batman Vs Superman


Theological significance

It may be, of all the Superman and Batman movies, the first Superman and Batman movie to revel in the theological or divine significance of Superman.

As Superman isn’t trusted, questions are thrown at this god-like being about why bad things happen etc. to people who are floundering in some of the worst things in life: storms and weather changes.

Some people live, others die, and Superman would rather save the love of his life.

However, people are reaching out to Superman. The people appear to think that God should save them, but can’t understand the state of the world prone to disasters and inequality.

Slimy Lex Luthor brings conjecture and interjection about Superman’s place in the world in a shifty monologue which further undermines the hero.

A time for heroes? There is still a place for heroes in Batman vs. Superman. Despite the people’s doubts about Superman, he still is about salvation and the people still want a God-like Superman to save them.

He does want to save people, despite the accusations against him and despite the fallen world people find themselves in.

It’s not always on their terms, though.

Warnings—violence, profanity Notes: Available on DVD/Blu-ray July 19, 2016

Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne, Batman), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent, Superman), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor); Zack Snyder (Director)

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