Aliens on earth, giant alien bugs possessing farmers, but does the public really need to know?

The original Men in Black (1997) twenty years ago inventively executes an idea that has been around for a long time. There are aliens out there that the public don’t know about. Men in Black added that they wouldn’t want to know anyway.

In Men in Black, the basic idea is that there are protectors of the public against dubious, semi-friendly terrestrial visitors.

The reality may be too hot to handle. When members of the public happen to witness extraterrestrial reality, the men in black numb the citizen’s grey matter and neurons. Then they forget and assume something else happened.

Aliens on earth

Unknown to all citizens, aliens have found a sanctuary on planet earth, but are monitored.

Sometimes alien warfare gets out of hand and earth becomes host to nefarious deeds and possible destruction.

The secret peace treaty agreement between the government and aliens helps earthlings from being minced in the crossfire of inter-alien warfare.

Sometimes these aliens are giant bugs that come to earth.

One comes to possess the body of a human to execute its plans. The human happens to be a farmer who loses his faculties when the alien takes him over, though he wasn’t all with it himself.


Rougish aliens in "Men in Black" kicking it back on planet earth.
Fun loving aliens in “Men in Black” kicking it back on planet earth.


Public hysteria

The tabloid newspapers tend to cover these stories like it was trash journalism, but the public wouldn’t believe the stories.

The New York Times investigative journalism sometimes nails it, says “galaxy defender”, the man in black played by Tommy Lee Jones. He adds the tabloids get investigative reporting spot on.

The reason why the public does not know about alien realities on earth is because it would blow the public’s minds.

The reason for not knowing is the usual story. Possible hysteria would ensue if the authorities revealed it. How often do we hear that the public shouldn’t know because of hysteria?

It’s really about national security. What if somebody who shouldn’t know get to know? Somebody who may be a threat or something that may be dangerous?

The public don’t need to know, anyhow, if the protectors of society are doing their job protecting people from, as the Men in Black theme songs goes, “the worst scum in the universe”.

The argument is that some secrets don’t need to be told. Don’t tell, for the sake of national security, if the authorities are doing what they should be doing. The men in black are certainly doing their job.

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