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Superman grieves when an earthquake strikes Anyone who has gone through an earthquake won’t be thinking about the earthquake in Superman: The Movie (1978). That’s pretty much a given. (Not to denigrate in any way the experiences of people in […]

There’s a scene in family animation Finding Dory (2016, out now on DVD) where Dory is utterly lost. This small blue tang fish finds herself completely and utterly abandoned. The moments before there was help from her friends, but in a […]

“You may not survive what the world puts you through…” — Heart of Gold, by Jon Gibson (from Gibson’s Body and Soul album, 1989) As Jon Gibson alludes to, there are battles in life that we won’t survive. But there is […]

I enjoyed Doctor Strange (2016). It takes us on a journey about the ‘spirit’. Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a witty, overly confident, self-assured neurosurgeon at the peak of his powers.     Strange is excellent at what he […]

Finding Dory (2016, out now on DVD) is populated with animations of sea and marine animals. There is a shark, an octopus, a marlin, and birds, all helping out, in some way, to assist Dory, a small blue tang fish, […]

Bleed for This (2016) is an awkward title that does not quite catch on. The title does not catch on, but the subject does. This is another boxing film, and as far as I can remember, is the year’s boxing […]

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016, UK), out on DVD December 13 2016 (in North America). Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) has the advantages of being a wealthy socialite or celebrity, New York, 1944. Being wealthy gives her the ability to throw money […]

Trying to understand aliens, in Arrival (2016), coming to movie theaters this week. There was another film called The Arrival in 1996. The Arrival had similar premise to Arrival, but turned out there was a twist. The Arrival starred Charlie […]

The Sea of Trees (out now on DVD) reminds me of one of those famous inspirational stories. Yes, it is a story containing a suicidal theme and there’s a mysterious touch of Spiritism, but wait a minute. When school teacher Arthur […]

You know holiday season is upon us when a Thanksgiving movie is coming to theaters this week. Almost Christmas (2016) is an apt title because it is almost Christmas in the dateline and Thanksgiving this month begins the broader holiday […]