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Sally Field is back—sort of. Though the Oscar winning actress Sally Field has featured in some popular feature films over the last twenty years, Hello, My Name is Doris is her first feature film leading role since Eye for an […]

Too cynical. Satirizing classical Hollywood was always going to be interesting, but Hail Caesar! (2016, USA) does not quite hit the mark. It lacks imagination. Hail, Caesar! will still divide audiences: some will find it hilarious, but others will be put-off […]

Brexit has caused a sense of anxiety around the globe since Friday, on the same day of the release of the sequel to Independence Day. It makes for uncanny timing. People are uncertain about the future, again, like the characters […]

This week I’ve been to China–sort of. In The Assassin (2015, Taiwan) it’s China around the seventh century. In this story, the Chinese dynasty wants to maintain power over rebellious provinces. Nie Yinniang is an assassin for the dynasty. A […]

After the overseas adventure…Come to think about it… I thoroughly enjoyed Tale of Tales on my Italian adventure. When I came back down to earth for a think, stamping ones individuality is a theme in Italian fantasy Tale of Tales […]

Tale of Tales is on the surface about mystery. My overseas adventure today was watching a mystery: the Italian, English-speaking Tale of Tales (2015). This film takes you through three mysterious, unusual stories involving decadent medieval kings and queens and […]

Inspiration and ideals are at the cinema My previous post looked at how actors and stars can be romanticized and idealized by their screen roles and the movies they are in. Yet in being that, they may shine light on […]

What or who’s a classic? The star system of the classics era of Hollywood made actors appear perfect and audiences saw them through a romantic or idealized lens. Today, we can still see movies, actors and stars through a romantic lens. […]

A twist on love your neighbor Another view of The Choice…Love your neighbor is taken to the obvious–a neighborly love story–and perhaps symbolic, in The Choice (2016, USA). Next door neighbors Gabby is a medical student studying hard away at […]

DVD movie commentary Bored in New York? Nah. Irish lass Eilis is far from New York. She is yawning during a church service, in her home town of Ireland. Her mother prays earnestly next to her, in Brooklyn (2015). I […]