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My body has a pattern. If I get a cold with nasal congestion, it eventually moves to my chest and becomes a croupy cough.

For several years now I have been using a homeopthic product for Caidin called Children’s Chestal. It has always seemed to help him when he gets congested. Recently, I got one of my pattern colds, but this time, as soon as it started I began taking the adult version of Chestal. I didn’t wait for it to go to my chest and low and behold, it never did. l moved through this cold much easier.

I really recommend Chestal. And now I have a new protocol to try with Caidin. As soon as his congestion starts, I’m going to have him take it and see if his cold is minimized as mine was.

Chestal can be found at Health Stores. Follow the directions on the bottle. For me this is a wonderful alternative to over the counter cough medicines that come with countless warnings and suppress the body’s natural ability to heal.

(c) Christine Agro

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