Yesterday I drove home from a visit in Buffalo with my Mom.  Caidin was happily watching movies in the back which left me with seven hours to listen to the radio, sing along and eventually to just think. Quite a novelty!

I used to have a hard time speaking in public and even the idea of sharing my ideas in writing filled me with anxiety. I always thought that I was afraid to speak my truth. So I did a lot of work on clearing energies around that. Imagine my surprise one day when I realized, I wasn’t afraid to speak my truth, in fact I had no problem what-so-ever doing that. My fear was actually that people wouldn’t accept my truth.  Now that was an interesting fear, because on the other side of the fence, I firmly believed (and still believe) that there is room for everyone’s truth. So my fear that people wouldn’t accept my truth was not only illogical, it was contradictory to what I believed. But it also explained why I was unable to overcome my fear of speaking in public. Once I had this invaluable piece of information, there was no turning back for me, I went on to do everything from speaking in public, to doing TV and Radio interviews, to hosting my own radio show.

We can get so caught up in trying to figure out why we have certain experiences in our lives that we end up looking for a different answer to the same question rather than asking a different question.  In this case rather than asking why I was afraid to speak in public, I asked the question ‘what do I need to know to overcome this fear.’ And voila, I got the answer.

I had the same thing happen with money. I always thought any money issues I had were connected to lack and limit, yet at the same time that never made sense to me because I have a tremendous amount of abundance in every other area of my life – love, laughter, joy, gratitude, fulfillment – the list is endless. When I finally asked a different question I discovered that any money issues that I had were not connected to lack and limit, but rather to self-worth – the feeling that I was not worthy to have the things I wanted. With that information in hand I was able to heal that part of me.

Remembering to ask a different question will not only help you with your own life lessons, but it can certainly help you in trying to figure out what your child is working on. If your child keeps having the same life lesson pop up (bully encounters, speaking out in class, lack of self-confidence as a few examples) , and his approach doesn’t seem to be getting him anywhere, encourage him to ‘ask a different question.’

The answer is always there for us, but sometimes we have to find another way to explore the lesson.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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