Friday Wisdom is shared from Christine Agro’s Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition) Each Deck has 42 cards and a booklet that offer insight and guidance for parenting consciously.

Vibration Card #18 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition)

Today I drew the Vibration Card.

Vibration refers to the energy that a person, a thing or even an emotion carries. For example high vibrations can be found in raw fruits and vegetables, joy, laughter, and love. Low vibrations can be found in anger, frustration, and processed foods. Additionally, I believe that by-products carry the vibrational energy of their source as well as whomever or whatever manufactured the end product.  If an animal experience fear when it’s taken to slaughter, I believe that fear is held in the meat, which lowers the vibration of the meat.

Many children today are hyper-sensitive to energetic vibrations – both high and low.  They are very open and sometimes all of this vibrational information just becomes a cacophony of energetic overload. Without an awareness of this and without support, children can experience emotional outbursts, shut down or shut out  as ways of dealing with this overload. If your child becomes very emotional or  is distant or disconnected, consider the roll that vibration might be playing in their world. Epsom salt baths (previous post) can help, Flower Essences (previous post) can help particularly one from the Flower Essences Society called Yarrow Environmental Solution and assess their environment – video games, television and music are all forms of vibrational input.

Here is the text on Vibration from my Conscious Living Wisdom Cards

For You

Laughter, love, anger and frustration are all vibrations of energy.  Positive energies vibrate at a high level, while negative energies vibrate low.  The higher our personal vibration, the more clearly we see, the more aligned our body and mind are with our Spirit and the more gracefully our life flows. Our health and wellness also depend on our vibration.  Low vibrations invite disease in our bodies and in our lives; high vibrations promote strength and vitality.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we set our vibration by the choices we make: the words we use, the thoughts we think, the music we listen to, the stories we tell, the way in which we live our lives.  Fear is one of the lowest and amusement is one of the highest vibrations we can have.  If you’ve drawn the Vibration card, pay attention to the vibrations in your life (your own, as well as those around you). To raise your vibration, simply set your intention to do so.  Repeat this intention regularly throughout the day.  Remember that you can choose to engage in or disengage from situations that lower your vibration.  Your life is always in your hands to create as you choose.

For Your Child

Children are acutely aware of vibrations.  Children, without the filters adults have adopted, understand what is going on in their world in part via the vibrations they experience.  If someone is angry, they feel it; if someone loves them unconditionally, they feel that, too.  What messages are you sending your child through the vibrations you hold?  What energetic message do your words send?  Also, what vibrations are being set for your child by the shows she watches, the music she listens to, the foods she eats and the games she plays?  Rather than demanding that she change an aspect of her life or give something up, talk with her about the vibrations that things hold and the impact these vibrations have on who we are.  Set the tone first and foremost by the choices you make and share the reasons behind those choices with your child. Remember, children learn best by example.

Vibration Card #18 in The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition), Illustrated by Samantha Bachechi, Creative Medium LTD (C) 2010-2012 Conscious Living Unlimited LLC

**A note about The Conscious Living Guide Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition): There are 42 cards in the deck and a guide book. The guide book includes insight for you which is meant to help you live life more consciously as well as insight for your child, which is meant to help support you in your Conscious Parenting. *Additionally, to avoid the awkwardness of saying he/she all the time, I have picked one gender to identify in each card.

© 2012 Christine Agro

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