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Whether car rides, bus rides, train rides, plane rides or long walks, finding ways to keep kids engaged can make or break everyone’s experience. I was going to write a list of five things to do in the car, but then I figured, why not ask Caidin what he likes to do. Many of these things are carry overs from what we used to do while walking or riding the subway in NYC.

Here are eight things that Caidin likes to do in the car:

The Spelling Game – We take turns asking each other to spell different words.

Guess Who – We start by saying if it is a person, place or thing that we are thinking about and then the other person starts guessing by asking questions to narrow it down. Clues can be given if you want.

Singing – Both Caidin and I love to sing, so we will turn the radio on and sing along, or we will sing songs we know, or make up new songs.

The Story Game – One of us will start the story and then we each take turns adding a piece to it.

I Spy – This is an old classic. One person says ‘I Spy something…(red, blue, big, small, etc)’ and the other person has to guess what it is. It’s particularly challenging in the car as your scenery is always moving. It can also be hard for the driver to play, so we don’t play this while driving all that much. This was a great game to play when Caidin was little as it helped him to identify shapes, colors and even numbers and letters.

Red Car, Blue Car – A fairly simple game, one person picks red cars and the other picks blue cars and you just shoot out when you see a car of that color.

Talking with Mom – By far, my favorite thing to do in the car also – talking with Caidin.

Looking Out  The Window – This is a nice reminder that we don’t have to have every minute of time filled with doing something. Caidin actually enjoys just sitting and looking out the window!

What are your, or your child’s favorite things to do in the car?

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