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I was asked by a new mom over at The Conscious Mom’s Guide about Colic in newborns.  Caidin had colic so I know how challenging it can be for both new parents and baby to deal with. I can remember my husband strapping Caidin into the Baby Bjorn and walking him around our neighborhood park at 2AM in the morning.

I used a number of natural supports to help Caidin with his colic. I wrote about it in my yet to be published book ‘The Conscious Mom’s Guide(TM): Natural Healing and First Aid for Kids. I cover different natural approaches to providing support – from naturopathy to reflexology,  to essential oils . Check out this post for a different perspective on Colic and a few ways to use natural supports to assist your baby.

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I hope that you find the information helpful. It really supported Caidin during this challenging time.

Follow this link to check it out: Colic and Gas in Newborns

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