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I want to make sure that Caidin has good memories of growing up. Some come naturally, but I also try to find moments that will create lifelong memories. I love the summer for this. Life slows down and we can take time to really explore and experience our surroundings and do things that are out of the ordinary.

I know that what we remember are times that either have high emotional resonances or low emotional resonances – so we remember the really good and the really bad or sad. When you want to help your child create memories, look for times that are unique, joyful or exciting.

Here are five ideas to get you started.

Dance in the Rain – Dancing in the warm summer rain is a freeing and joyful experience. Barefoot, splashing and dancing, swirling and twirling. Next time there is a summer rain, surprise your child and get them to run outside and dance with you.

Sit and Watch the Lightning or the Lightning Bugs – Sit on the stairs or a porch or in the backyard to watch the lightening bugs or summer lightning storm. Caidin and I have a special memory from last summer; we ran inside as we saw a storm arriving, but instead of going inside we sat on the side porch in a rocker and watched the storm roll in.

Movie Day  We wait for a rainy day or a day that’s just too hot to be outside and we plan a whole day at the movies (3 movies is enough for me). We look at the schedule and we plan the whole day, buy all our tickets at the start and movie day begins.

Create a Chalk Masterpiece  – Buy a big box of chalk with as many colors as you can find and use the driveway as your canvas. Co-create a beautiful chalk masterpiece, photograph it step-by-step and then photograph the finished project. Print out the photo and post it on the fridge as a reminder of a wonderful day. Little by little the rain will wash your masterpiece away, but the memories of creating it will last a lifetime.

Watch the Nighttime Skies – The Summer has many wonderful astrological moments – constellations, full moons, meteor showers – let your child stay up or wake them up to see something they normally wouldn’t get to see.

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