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“When we support our children in knowing their own truth it empowers them in ways we can’t even imagine.”

I said that.

I said it because on Friday I was witness to one of those magical, jaw dropping moments when I got to witness just how in tune Caidin is.

We were at Adams Fairacre Farm Market. We stopped to have some breakfast before we did a little fresh produce grocery shopping. In addition to their wonderful produce, Adams also has one of the best garden centers full of the most amazing plants.

As we were finishing breakfast Caidin suddenly felt nauseous so we jumped up and headed to the bathroom. He managed to keep everything down, but said to me, ‘can we go to the garden center?’ ‘Sure,’ I said., I didn’t even bother to ask why. I know being around nature is calming for him, but I wasn’t aware that he knew this.

So off to the garden center we walked. Caidin was ahead of me and I watched him rub his fingers first on the lavender and then inhale the wonderful scent deeply. Next he moved to the sage, broke off a tiny piece and ate it and he did the same thing with the mint. Both sage and mint support the digestion. He returned to the lavender and took two tiny flowers and ate those also.

He stood for a minute, took in his surroundings and walked back to me and said, ‘I feel better.’

I’m still in awe of what he did. Although I work with herbs, we don’t have the plants themselves around. We do often smell the plants when we go to garden centers, but we haven’t discussed specifically the benefits of each plant.

He was guided through his inner knowing to the plants that would benefit him.

We all have this inner knowing that tells us what we need, but through years of counter information – of being told that we don’t know, or that we are wrong, we learn to doubt our own insight.

When we support the inner knowing of our children, that knowledge grows strong and guides them and supports them in managing their own well-being.

This was a powerful moment with Caidin for two reason – I got to see how in tune he really is and I got to see him put his inner knowledge into action.

Children learn to distrust their own information when we lie to them, when we dismiss what they have to say, and when we force them to accept our truth as the only truth.

To instill inner knowingness in our children, we have to have openness to what our children have to say, we have to catch and reinforce their truth when it shines through and it also requires acknowledging that our Truth is not the only Truth.

Whenever an opportunity arises that allows your child to explore their own information, let them have it. As parents we can get into the routine of simply answering all the questions, making all the decisions and setting all the guidelines. Open the door to your child’s inner knowingness by turning the questions back to them, and when it’s appropriate letting them decide and letting them set guidelines.

This will give you an opportunity to explore what your child knows – it might surprise you!


© 2012 Christine Agro

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