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Yesterday was Caidin’s last day of being a second grader. He had a half day of school so we celebrated by going to lunch at a local diner and talking about our best memories of the year: top three events we attended, top three movies, top three moments, and top three things we learned were among the many.

That makes today the first day of Summer break and we started it with an 8:30 am meeting, back at Caidin’s school. Cruel, I know. I had to wake him up this morning, hurry him to get dressed and downstairs for breakfast. When I told him I had scheduled an early morning meeting for an event I’m heading up at his school, he looked at me like I was crazy.

As we jumped into the car, I said to Caidin, ‘you know now that it is Summer break, I need…’ and he said ‘I know Mom, you need me to be flexible.’ ‘Yes,’ and ‘thank you,’ were my responses.

The next week will be one of transitions as we all switch into lower gears-easier, go with the flow gears. That initial shift is always a bit clunky though as I move from my school year schedule which fits around Caidin’s daily activities to my summertime schedule which sees me trying to strategically fit my work around doing things with Caidin. Instead of having a set time to do my own work, I start to bracket my day with work – scheduling things in the morning and then again in the evening.

After eight-years of this, Caidin and I have gotten into a pretty good groove. Before we get the day going, I make sure he has something to eat. As long as ‘food’ has been addressed we are usually good to go. If I have a reading to do, he goes upstairs and plays or reads. I try to fit my work into the morning so we have the afternoon to do things and this year, I’m going to try to keep Thursdays and Fridays open so we can explore different areas and attractions around us.

I want to spend a day at Storm King, an outdoor sculpture park just south of where we live. I also want to take Caidin to Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut, they have footprint fossils. I don’t like the Summer to be too planned, so we will leave plenty of room for spontaneity too. Every other Friday we will be going to the Hudson Valley Renegades’ baseball games and my younger brother and his family will be here in July. In August, we will be heading to Buffalo to visit my Mom.

Seems like the Summer is already over when I put it this way.

Life is full of transitions; the seasons, life and death, endings and beginnings. How we approach these moments sets the tone for our children. It seems I’ve been writing a lot about flexibility over the past month or so, probably because the end of the school year always comes with unexpected events and not-to-be-missed moments.

There are some really great ‘gifts’ you can give to your kids and flexibility is definitely one of them. Showing your child that life is always flowing and moving and that we can have the ability to move along with it interestingly creates a sense of stability and inner confidence. When we approach life with rigidness, anything little change can create a ripple effect of havoc and chaos. When we have flexibility, change is part of the adventure.

Start to consciously bring flexibility into your life and share the concept with your child. When you are being flexible, graciously point it out. When your child responds with flexibility, say ‘thank you’. What you will find is that a conscious approach to flexibility will open the door to an easy flow in your day-to-day living.


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