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Life As A Conscious Mom
With Christine Agro

To say that I’m excited to be blogging here at Beliefnet is an understatement. Conscious Living and Conscious Parenting are my life and I look forward to sharing stories, insight, guidance, and information that will support both you and your children on your own amazing journeys.

What makes me a Conscious Mom?

It is my life as a whole, really. I practice what I preach and I preach what I practice.

For the past 12 years I have been working with women in all stages and phases of their lives. I am a clairvoyant, a metaphysical expert, a Naturopath, and a Master Herbalist. These things may seem unrelated but they each inform the other and they all inform who I am and how I live my life – which is consciously. I’m also blessed to be Mom to an amazingly conscious 8-year-old boy, Caidin, who teaches me so much about so many things.

For my first post, I simply want to introduce myself so that you can begin to get a feel for who I am.

As a clairvoyant I’m interested in what we are working on and how that impacts the way our lives unfold. I’m not a future-teller. Not because I can’t, but because I don’t believe in it. I believe that our lessons are contained in the choices and decisions we make. When we turn to a future teller, we relinquish our own power and we become locked into an outcome that is really ours to determine. Life is a series of paths and when we choose to walk down one and not another, the journey of our life unfolds. When someone tells us which path to walk down, we miss the lessons that come with making our own choices.

When I work with people, I look for insight into what they are working on, what are they trying to learn and how do these lessons affect their life in this moment. In my new book ‘50 Ways To Live Life Consciously’ I share 8 tools and 42 concepts to help bring consciousness into your life and to help you better understand what it is that you are working on. So if what I talk about here inspires you to delve more deeply into your own life’s journey, my book might be a place to start.

As a metaphysical expert I am searching to uncover the how, why and what for of life. I search for the deeper meaning to why we are here, what we are working on and how that shows up in our life. Where our kids are concerned, I’m looking for the life lessons in their experiences because I believe if we can help them learn at 2 or 4 or 7 what it has taken many of us 20, or 30, or more years to learn, they can then focus on what they are passionate about, rather than on what they need to learn.

As a Naturopath I work with the body’s natural ability to heal, supporting it through many different modalities including herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils, nutrition and many others. There are six tenets of naturopathy and all that I do and all that I am embodies these tenets. The tenets are 1) Do no harm, 2) Honor the body’s natural ability to heal, 3) Support and see the whole body in its holistic capacity, 4) Search for the root, 5) Educate and 6) Prevention. In fact these tenets are so natural to my way of being that I believe they have always been a part who I am.

I have traveled an interesting and at points intense road with regard to incorporating natural health and wellness into Caidin’s life. I encountered fear and uncertainty when he was a baby as my own inner voice screamed to support Caidin through natural remedies, while the world around me yelled that Western medicine was the only way. I’m reluctant to tell too many stories about Caidin’s health and wellness, as it seems every time I do, I tempt fate and his otherwise healthy constitution suffers a blow. So suffice it to say that I will share what I know and what I’ve experienced in terms of natural support for our children, but maybe not so much in personal story form.

As I mentioned already, I’ve had the opportunity to work with women in all stages and phases of their lives. I’ve helped women open to love, understand their relationships, and step into their own empowerment. I’ve helped women to conceive naturally after doctors said there’s no chance. I’ve helped women to connect with their baby in-utero and I’ve helped women to better understand their child and the ways in which their child can flourish. All are beautiful and fulfilling opportunities to support the journey of others and I cherish each and every experience.

But by far my greatest gift and my greatest role is being Mom to my son, Caidin. Over these amazingly magical years, I have learned so much from him about the journey we take from Spirit to body, about the lessons we hope to learn in our lifetime, about our role as parent and about the power, consciousness and awareness that children possess.

This blog, Life As A Conscious Mom, is an ever evolving project, just as is being a conscious mom. Somethings we get right and somethings we get to learn from when we don’t get it right.

I want to support you in being the best parent you can be, which means not only understanding your child in ways you may have never considered, but also in taking care of yourself. Feel free to email me and let me know what questions you have or what you’d like to see covered. I have a ‘throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks’ approach to just about everything, so as I move forward, I’ll test out segments and we’ll see how we like them. Some may stick and others, not-so-much. Which to me is all about flexibility and flexibility is one of my golden rules.

I always tell Caidin ‘Flexibility is a great gift, because when you are flexible you are open to the unexpected.’

My favorite way to sign off is ‘Thanks for being here.’ I say it to Caidin all the time… ‘thanks for being here’…and what I’m actually saying is ‘thank you for showing up to your life and thank you for choosing to share your life with me.’

So with that…

Thanks for being here!


Christine Agro is a clairvoyant, naturopath, Master Herbalist, conscious mom and author of 50 Ways to Live Life Consciously as well as of The Conscious Living Wisdom Cards (Special Moms’ Edition). Christine is founder of The Conscious Mom’s Guide, a membership site at which she helps support you on your own journey of living life consciously and on your journey of being a Conscious parent. You can also join Christine on Facebook.

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