The 7 Golden Rules of True Self-Fulfillment

The following 7 Golden Rules of True Self-Fulfillment are not the same as the laws that govern this world; nor are they what govern the lives of the vast majority of the men and women who crawl upon it. As is true of all creatures, these individuals have the life they serve; by law, their nature is their experience.

These 7 rules are for those who wish to know, to be one with the Divine Life that is the unseen source of all that exists—so that by choosing, consciously to align with its immutable laws, and making whatever sacrifices that obedience calls for, they not only fulfill the needs of this Living Goodness but, by agreeing to do so, also fulfill their own highest possibilities at the same time.

1. Choose what is, and let go of all that isn’t.

2. Give yourself completely to what you love, but only if it loves you.

3. Do nothing more or less in the world than what is needful… that allows you to pursue, freely, what your heart calls you to do.

4. Share with others only what is true, or otherwise conducive to your mutual well-being.

5. Never leave your mind, or your mouth unattended.

6. Test yourself constantly; only rest yourself accordingly.

7. Anchor yourself in Presence; seal yourself off from all considerations of the past and the future, save for practical purposes.

These 7 rules are first for your study and contemplation. Then, depending upon the extent of your understanding of their truth, for you act upon… that you might manifest, and then find the freedom they reflect. Be patient; work consistently. You’ll soon find that these laws are the path that leads to a Life that is fulfillment itself.

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