Going into painful confusion over the appearance of any problem is really the avoidance of realizing some temporary limitation in one’s understanding of oneself… and nothing else.

A New Understanding About Confusing Feelings

Question: Why do so many of your lessons leave me feeling so confused?

Answer: Confusion can only appear when we think “we know” and then something comes along and shows us we don’t… and so confusion is always a lie (of a sort).

The problem isn’t that you don’t understand (whatever). How can there be pain in what you don’t know? It’s impossible.

The problem is you don’t want to bear the conscious pain of seeing that you don’t know (what you think you do). This experience persists until we stop resisting and start receiving truth as it’s revealed (about ourselves).

Let go… choose being watchful over the pain of being willful, and you will see the confusion start to fade.

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