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I used to own a summer recreation program. While I had an assistant, I did everything myself. I created a lot of stress for myself by taking on too much stuff that he could have done. When someone asked me why I paid someone to assist me but didn’t let him assist me, I realized I was being too controlling and needed to delegate responsibility to him, and I did. My life got better with tasks off of my plate.

Many of us have a hard time delegating responsibility to someone else. It might be from a need to control everything, or you’re scared the other person won’t do it as well as you. This tells the Universe you’d rather struggle and work extra hard than to accept assistance. That also negates your allowing yourself to have  good well-being since you’d rather have stress  by doing everything yourself..

It’s important to lighten up and make your life easier. Give yourself more time to relax and enjoy your life more. Love yourself enough to delegate to competent people. . Accept that you shouldn’t have to do it all. When I delegated to my assistant, my stress level went down dramatically., I was so much happier. And you know what a happy vibe attracts—good stuff! And it did for me.

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.


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