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Yesterday I wrote about Living with Regrets. Besides making you feel bad, having regrets plays a role in what you manifest. Thinking about regrets tells the Universe that you’re angry with yourself or think poorly of what you did. It’s a form of putting yourself down. All of that is negative, which the Law of Attraction picks up on. And if you beat yourself up with regretful thoughts, your self-esteem goes down. All of this counters building self-love.

Remember, negative emotions can block manifesting positive things. The more you focus on regrets, the more negative you’ll feel and you’ll attract more negatives. It also means that you’re looking back, not forward. Often the things you regret can’t be undone. So your thoughts are on the past. Like guilt, regret often makes you feel that if you’d done something differently your life would be better. Instead you should be thinking bout what you can do and attract now that will improve your life.

Pay attention to how regret makes you feel. Your feeling creates your vibration for manifesting. If you can try to bring yourself back to the moment instead of looking back at the past, you can learn to control any feelings of regret. Here’s a video that has some tips for getting into the moment so you can control your vibration and attract more.

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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