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Year ago I was at a Yankee game with a friend. I got curious about what would happen if a certain situation happened on the field. Would the player be out I kept asking him. He thought I was crazy because what I asked about would be very unusual to happen. But I really wanted to know and kept asking throughout the game. He kept telling me how unlikely that was to happen so he’d never seen it and didn’t know what the outcome would be.

His mouth dropped in the last inning when what I’d been focusing on happened. He looked at me and asked how I did that. While it could have been a strange coincidence, I believe that because I was focused on that situation for the whole game, I attracted it. I greatly wanted to see it so I”d know what the call would be. The Law of Attraction brings us what we’re focused on, positive or negative. That why it’s so important to monitor your thoughts. My friend couldn’t imagine that what I asked about would happen. Yet I couldn’t stop focusing on it until I nearly drove him crazy.

I wanted to know what would happen so much that I practically visualized it in my mind. What you focus on with fervor is what the Law of Attraction is likely to bring you. If you’re running to make an appointment and focused on, “I’ll probably be late,” you’ll probably be late. If you feel a tickle in your throat and become focused on how everyone seems to be getting the flu, guess what you’re likely to attract?

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of monitoring your thoughts. Make sure you’re focused on what you want or on something joyful. That’s the best way to fuel the Law of Attraction to bring you good stuff.

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