Angela Artemis 2012I’ve been working on my intuition more and have found using it very helpful. I’ve read Angela Artemis’ books on intuition. She’s an author, businesswoman, intuition teacher and founder of Powered by Intuition dot com. Angela on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they avoid making mistakes, and choose wisely to fulfill all their brilliant potential. Her popular website, Powered by Intuition, is a rich source of information for readers wishing to learn how to use their intuition to create fulfilling and successful lives. Her book, The Intuition Principle, is a great source of understanding for how to use your own intuition. Today I’m thrilled to have Angela back to talk about which sex is more intuitive.

Battle of the Sexes: Who is the Most Intuitive?
 Angela Artemis

Why is it that every intuitive development class I’ve taken has been filled with more women than men? If you were to do a search on the Internet for intuitives you would find that women far outnumber males in this field.

Are women truly more intuitive than men or, could it have to do with the way women are socialized to empathize with others? Or could there be more of a physiological reason? Based on some recent research findings, women possess more of the biological functions necessary for being more attuned to the subtle cues of intuition.Intuition-Principle-cover-small-version-for-PbI1

Nature versus nurture: A vital ability that is needed when you’re developing intuitively is being able to observe subtle changes in the way things look, or appear. Women pick up on these subtle changes far more often than males. A woman may be able to tell from registering these subtle changes in a person’s face what emotions the person is experiencing. This is a practical and necessary skill when gathering intuitive information.

Scientific findings: Findings show that women are better at facial recognition than men.  Studies show that this is due to the fact that women are more interested in emotional bonding based upon their need to recognize, bond and nurture their offspring. To put this in perspective, how long did it take for your spouse to notice that you’d changed something about your appearance? Your wife probably noticed the minute she saw you. Your husband probably needed a few hints like, “Does something look different about me?”

Due to their more accurate hearing women are more aware of subtle changes in tone than men. Studies have proven that women have slightly better hearing than men. They cull “more” meaning from the words they hear than males because of their ability to hear at a wider range. They sense changes in tone more easily and from that, derive the emotional signals that are encoded in the words they’re hearing. This could explain why women are more apt to know someone is emotionally upset, even before the person has told them so.

Another reason women seem to be more tuned in to the needs of others intuitively may be due to their higher estrogen levels. This hormone may cause them to experience emotions more deeply, especially during certain times of their menstrual cycle. The ability to feel another person’s emotional pain and share their emotions is called empathy. Scientific studies show that women exhibit more of an empathic response than men do and are more attuned to emotions than males.

Comparative brain studies: Recent comparative brain studies found that there are physiological differences in men and women’s brains and in the way information is processed due to those differences. These physiological differences point to why women and men respond to the same input so differently. Women show more emotion and are more sensitive to feelings when communicating, while men tend to be more solution oriented and logical.

Even though much of this information supports the theory for women possessing the physiological factors for being more intuitive, a 2006 study conducted by Dr. Richard Wiseman asking men and women to identify “fake smiles” versus “sincere smiles” had more men guessing correctly over the women respondents.

Men are also better at making “snap” decisions than women. These snap decisions are intuitive responses based on information pulled from various stored files in the subconscious. Since men lean toward being more logical and solution oriented when this stored information comes to the surface they are more apt to leave “emotions out” of the decision making process. This results in less second guessing of their decision which is often the reason their “business like approach” yields positive results.

Most errors in judgment can be linked back to “thinking too much” which fosters second-guessing and allows emotions to enter into the equation. For example, when you’re too emotional over a decision you worry about how the decision will affect others or if it might hurt someone’s feelings which can cause you to alter your decision from the right one to the wrong one.
So what can we conclude from this? Men are better at guessing whose smile is genuine over women and better at snap intuitive decision-making? Or, perhaps it means men are better at identifying mates to have sex with? Maybe making snap decisions well and knowing who is sincerely interested in them versus disingenuous is an important factor in propagating our species?

My own “hunch” is that while women do have some physiological advantages toward being intuitive men are equally as intuitive as females but, in a different way.

Women are socialized to be more comfortable expressing and discussing emotions and this allows them to be in touch with their intuition more easily. Outward displays of emotion have not been encouraged for men, and while that may be changing, for the most part men still refrain in larger numbers than women from doing things that are classified as “touchy feely” such as actively using or developing their intuition.

At Powered by Intuition, I focus on intuition development as a success skill that can be used to make the right life and business decisions. I believe intuition development can benefit both men and women. Perhaps if more men were aware of all the practical uses for their intuition they wouldn’t be so fast to shy away from developing the more empathetic side  of their intuition.

Do you have an opinion on whether males or females are more intuitive? Share your opinion with us here.

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