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Often when I ask people what they want they use broad strokes to express it. They do know what they’d like but for whatever reason don’t go into details. A common desire is for “More money.” Me too! But, what does that mean to the Universe? After all, if you find a penny you now have more money. If the Law of Attraction gets you two dollars more it’s done its job, unless you’re more specific about how much more money you want.

This is very important to understand. The Law of Attraction doesn’t read your mind in the way you’d like. It actually does read your mind in the sense that if you think you want more money, it doesn’t figure out that means $100,000 more. More can be anything from a penny up, unless you spell it out, or at least give some details so you really target what you want to manifest.

Ask yourself “What’s calling me?” Pinpoint what calls you to your desire. What is it that you really want? Flesh it out so you have the best chance of getting it the way you want. For example:

•    You want to be in a relationship.  Romantic? You can have a relationship in many ways. What kind of person do you want it to be. Write down the most important qualities you desire–every little detail you’d like. Focus on it.

•    You want a better job. What kind of company do you want to work for? What would you like to do? What kind of people would you like to work with? Is there a preferable location for the job? Write down the job description you’d ideally like to fit.

•    You want to feel good. How? Has your digestion been bothering you or has sleep been a problem? Is stress the real issue? Write down how you’d like to feel—pain free, rested, relaxed, energetic, or anything that’s specific to your desire.

•    You want to get your book published, or a record deal or to have your film treatment picked up, etc. How? Where? With a large or smaller independent company? Do you care about the money part? Do you want it to be a success. Of course you probably want all the good stuff but the Universe doesn’t know that. It only knows what you think and say. So say it!

•    You want to find the perfect place to live. What’s perfect about it? Do you need a specific location, how many rooms, etc.? Figure out exactly what’s most important to you and put the details on paper.

Write down how you’d like your desire to be in a perfect world. Describe it in as many details as possible. Let the details paint a picture of exactly what you want so the Law of Attraction is clear about it. Then you won’t get something that fits what you said but isn’t what you want. Go for big bucks instead of a penny when you say you want more money. Go for the kind of health that you don’t have right now instead of softer skin when you day you want to feel good. Clarity brings your desires to fruition!

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