If you live in the U.S., you know that today is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for your blessings. Truthfully, I think we should do that every day, and I try to do that. This is a day when people get together with family and pig out on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie and more. I’m not doing that today. I don’t have many family members in my area and my sister, who usually makes dinner, is going to her husband’s family this year. So I’m staying home.

People who hear me say this feel sorry for me. I tell them they’re wasting their pity. Because I love me and enjoy my own company, I will be very happy at home. I didn’t try to find alternate plans. I had someone who I could have gone to. But ya know, I actually looked forward to a day for me. It will be quiet. Few emails or phone calls. I can relax, spend extra time in bed, get out and exercise, and do some writing. A day of NO obligations is a joy for me.

I will be counting my blessing and know I have many. Not sure what I’ll eat but it will be something I love. I already bought a big gingerbread cookie as a treat for dessert. The days sounds good to me, despite what others may think!

I’m so grateful to feel this way! I’m so grateful that my faith in God, which used to be non-existent, is so strong. I’m so grateful that I love me and my solo time. When I was a DoorMat, being alone was scary and felt awful. Now I love it!

So whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I wish you the joy of feeling lots and lots of gratitude, today and every day. Gratitude brings many blessings of its own. You don’t need an official holiday to have it. And if you’d like, join my Conscious Gratitude group on Yahoo, where you can post your blessings and read what others share!

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