I’m still reeling from the horrific shooting in the movie theater and still cry when I think about it. It’s scary to know how one person can ruin so many lives. Even more disturbing is why a seemingly normal person would spend so much money buying weapons and so much time planning to kill innocent people. We’re living in a world where terrorism is a scary backdrop, which I wrote about in my Law of Attraction in Action: Terrorism post.  That’s scary enough! But now people are getting scared to go to the movies because of individuals with a grudge!

Shootings now happen in malls, post offices, the workplace, etc. It’s not just terrorism that unnerves people. One crazy person can ruin many people’s lives. Our world is changing. We no longer live in a time where we can feel completely safe anywhere. It can make you paranoid and the worry can put a dark cloud over doing fun activities. People are hesitant to go to the movies. Should we just stay inside and try to avoid any chance of encountering a dangerous situation? NO WAY!

Feeling this way attracts problems, and ruins your pleasure in life. Every fear, doubt, concern, worry you have tells the Universe you don’t trust that you’ll be safe.

You attract what your vibration attracts. When you walk around with fear and worry, you cancel out the joy that attracts good stuff. When you expect to be safe, you’re likely to stay safe. The kinds of things going on will unfortunately probably continue to happen. But, they don’t have to happen to you. When I go on a plane, I know the flight will get me to my destination in a good way. I may go to the movies this week if I can find the time but have no fear that something bad will happen to me.

Fear attracts things to be scared of, if only in your mind, and keeps you from having the kind of pleasure you could if your faith was stronger. Faith in your safety keeps your life going on a positive path. Don’t let these tragic incidents stop you from going where you want! After all, if you stay away from doing things you  enjoy, is that really living? Trust that you’ll be safe—with all your heart. Let faith rule your heart and your actions!

We need to keep hope for a better world alive!

I pray for the souls of those who lost their lives when they just wanted to see Batman. And I send strong prayers to those recovering from being shot. Please join me in sending prayers to everyone who was in the theater. Even those who weren’t shot were deeply wounded. We need to support them with our hearts. Spread the word!

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