I’m delighted to be a stop on my friend Angela Artemis’ virtual book tour today. Angela is an intuition coach  on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they can unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams now – not later. She blogs at www.PoweredbyIntuition.com and is an Amazon best-selling author. Her newest book is, The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of. Readers are welcomed to download free bonus material HERE.  I asked Angela some questions about intuition and how to use it. Here’s what she has to say:

How would you explain what intuition actually means? Intuition is our own inner guidance. It is a process of our mind searching for an answer to a problem without our consciously being aware of it. When the answer is located it “pops” into our awareness spontaneously and many times feels like an “aha” moment or a revelation. It is also a small voice we hear often like a “whisper” that gently nudges us to make the right choices and decisions in our lives. It can tell us that we should be wary of a person and it can act as a prompt telling us to act on an opportunity

If everyone has intuition, why don’t most people know or use it?  Intuition is very subtle and comes from within which why most people miss it. If you’ve ever gone ahead and done something and in the moment you did you had a “pang” of regret and thought to yourself, “I shouldn’t have done that.” That is your intuition. It is your own inner wisdom in your own voice guiding you. It’s not a loud booming voice that you hear with your physical ears. People rarely listen to the constant chatter in the mind. We have 70,000+ thoughts crossing our minds per day and so it is a matter of awareness, training and practice – like most things in life.

How can developing intuition empower you? When you learn to rely on your intuition for guidance and you consistently receive it you develop greater faith in your ability to cope with challenges in your life. This is empowering. You know that you have a source within that you can always call upon when you need answers and guidance. It contributes to your self-esteem and confidence to know that you are truly capable of making your own decisions and making wise ones.

What’s the range of things people can use their intuition for? The number one thing to use your intuition for is to make the right decisions and choices in your life.  Your intuition can also warn you to be wary of a certain person or that you are in danger.

How do emotions play a part in using intuition? Your feelings are a big part of how your intuition communicates information to you so pay attention to them. When you feel enthused, excited and drawn toward doing something that is your intuition giving you a green light. When you feel an aversion to something or someone, reluctant about saying “yes” to something or completely resistant to doing it at all these are clues you need to stop and pay attention to.

Why is trust so important for using intuition? If you don’t trust your intuition you won’t act on it. In the beginning of listening to your intuition you will have to take a “leap of faith” when you first act upon it. However, as you do act upon it and see that your decisions are sound you’ll develop faith and trust in it.

How does intuition differ from logic? Intuition is not the result of logical or linear thinking. Normally, when we think it is sequential. We have one thought which leads to another and then another until we arrive at a “logical” conclusion. With intuition it is more of a spontaneous awareness of the answer or “conclusion” without engaging in the prior linear thought process. This is why we define intuition as the spontaneous arrival of information in our awareness. When your intuition arises into your awareness it comes with a “feeling.” You feel a sense of “knowing,” many times in your “gut” or a feeling that the matter is “settled.”

How can we distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking? Your intuition arises spontaneously. It is not an intellectual process of thinking. Wishful thinking is just that – thinking. When you ask for guidance pay attention to how you feel. The guidance you receive should make you feel “relieved” or as if the matter “settled.” Your intuition is a “knowing” feeling that comes over you. You should have no more questions and there should be no nagging little voice at the back of your mind questioning your decision. If there is – it’s not your intuition but, wishful thinking. Only your intuition can make you “feel” the answer – wishful thinking can’t do this because it’s purely intellectual.

What’s a good first step for developing intuition? Pay attention to whispers that run through your mind. Set aside time each day to get quiet and “listen.” Ask for guidance and then just relax and wait quietly. If you don’t get an answer don’t get upset. Tell yourself that the answer will come to you within 48 hours. Intuition works best when you’re relaxed about it. Just go about your life and trust that the answer will come to you in the next two days. You may overhear someone speaking in conversation and that may be your answer. It could be something you read, hear on the radio, see on television or it could come to you when you are in a very relaxed state such as when you are showering, walking or washing the dinner dishes.

Are there any signs from our body we should pay attention to in situations where the truth hurts (like we know the guy is no good but we like him)? Your intuition is also your B.S. meter. If you think he is lying or covering something up trust your gut. Most people say after going through a terrible relationship that they always “knew it” but didn’t want to pay attention to it. That’s your intuition trying to warn you  – pay attention!

How can we use intuition to stay focused on our goals? Focusing on goals is an intellectual and rational pursuit not an intuitive one. When you focus you decide you want to do this or that and then you reason and plan for how to accomplish it. Your intuition can inspire you though. You can ask to remain open to this guidance and inspiration. Set aside time each day to meditate or get quiet and listen. Tell yourself that you will receive inspiration regarding your goals as necessary and – it will be so.

Intuitive inspiration can come to you when you least expect it especially when you are relaxed and doing something else. You may be inspired to call a certain person that you hadn’t thought of in a long time or to go somewhere you hadn’t thought of going. By following the promptings of your intuition you will be “in the right place at the right time” and meet with fortunate coincidences (synchronicities and serendipity) that will open doors for you pertaining to your goals.

How can we practice using our intuition? Make small decisions throughout the day based on asking for guidance. When you go to the bank ask which teller’s line will move the fastest? Or, ask yourself when is the best time to go to the post office when it will be the least crowded?

Keep a small notepad with you at all times. Write down any flashes of intuitive inspiration that you get. And act upon these inspirations. Make a note of how things turned out. Keep notes on what you were doing at the time. You may soon begin to see a pattern. Some people get their most brilliant flashes of inspiration during a shower. For others it is during the train ride to work, or when they are walking, biking, cleaning or gardening. The more often you act upon your intuition and the more often you see positive results the more faith and confidence you will develop in your intuition to guide you.

What’s your best advice for using our intuition? Relax, let go and allow it happen. You can’t force your intuition to work. You can only foster the right frame of mind and environment for it to arise. Just know and trust that it is there. Make time each day to get quiet and listen. At first you may hear or feel nothing but the act of “sitting and listening” creates the expectation that something will come – and it will. When it comes trust it and follow through on the guidance you receive.

Check out Angela Artemis’ book, The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of and learn how to better use your own intuition!

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