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I know a guy who works as a freelancer. Ken’s been mainly working for one company but over the last two years he began to take other part time jobs to compensate for the clients he’s lost. He recently told me he’s going for an interview for a fourth job. I was confused. He’s very religious; goes to church every Sunday and truly believes that God won’t let him down. His faith is stronger than most people’s. Yet this faithful guy is working so many jobs, several outside his field, and living hand to mouth.

When he told me he was trying to get a fourth job, I asked why? He explained that in this economy, people are cutting back so of course he’ll have less clients. I said not of course. He expected it. I replied that even though things are tighter, plenty of people in his field have lot of business and he shouldn’t keep saying that his business will keep going down because people have less money. I explained how the Law of Attraction works and he scoffed it, saying all he needs is God.

He always says, “God will provide” when I try to make a suggestion and that was his answer this time too. I do believe with all my heart that God does provide. But it’s our thoughts that determine what’s provided! Ken expected to have to get more work from anywhere that would pay him and God provided. He was sure that work from his main job would keep dropping off and it was provided. I implored him to change his expectations to God providing more clients for his primary source of income but he insisted there was no way he’d get more clients in this economy. That was his truth and it created his reality.

Nothing and no one can change your expectations, which creates the vibration that attracts your reality but you.

Ken refused to see that he creates his reality of clients diminishing and was positive this is what happens in an economy like ours. He did look a little confused when I told him it didn’t happen for me. I’m a freelancer and keep making money—because I expect too! It doesn’t matter what’s going on for others. I  focus on creating a good reality for me by keeping my expectations positive. You can create a good reality for you by keeping your expectations positive.

Ken doesn’t get that and I won’t try to change his mind. We all have choices. He chooses to believe the hype about the bad economy and continues to struggle with 4 jobs to make ends meet. Basically, he asks God for more jobs, no matter what they pay, instead of trusting that he’ll continue to get clients in a bad economy. So his reality is manifested from those beliefs. Letting negatives influence your expectations means those negatives will be picked up by the Law of Attraction and returned to you.

Thinking, “It doesn’t matter how bad a possibility looks, I am secure” keeps you secure. I create my own positive reality. You can too! Monitor your thoughts and keep your expectations positive. Then more positives will be attracted!

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