We often think that celebrities have it made. With all their money they can buy anything. They can get the best care, the best food, top of the line cosmetic work, and the best treatments for their problems. Yet Whitney Houston is another example of how none of that matters if you’re not happy inside.

Part of what I do is writing about the music business. I’ve interviewed many celebrities over the year and find them to be surprisingly similar to the average person when it comes to their inner makeup and emotions. They get hurt in relationships, have even bigger body image issues than most of us, and feel an abnormal amount of pressure at times to be a certain way or look perfect or achieve good reviews so they can continue to work.

Whitney Houston was a treasure in the music industry for her amazing vocals. She inspired a generation of young singers and stayed in the spotlight for many years. I once spoke to Clive Davis about her and his eyes lit up when sharing how he felt when he first heard her sing. Yet with all she had going for her, Whitney was often a mess. She did drugs for years, abusing her body and voice. She made many foolish choices while the public looked on. That must have been a double humiliation. For a while this extraordinarily talented woman became a joke.

Whitney sang her beautiful song about the greatest love of all inside of me. But she lost it in herself.

With all her talent and fame and money, it’s obvious Whitney wasn’t happy. People who love themselves don’t subject their bodies to drug abuse or excessive alcohol. Self-love can help override the tendencies we might get to take a negative path when problems hit. It also keeps us in a general happier place, which helps us navigate when life gets hard. Whitney didn’t find that place of self-contentment. We don’t know what caused her end. No matter what, it’s a big waste of a woman and her talent.

The world is mourning the loss of this treasure. I bet Whitney began as a bright eyed, excited girl who wanted to bring her talent to the world and somewhere she lost herself. Even with all her resources and people who loved her, she couldn’t work from the inside to love herself enough to take good care. We can learn from this. You don’t need fame or fortune to love yourself enough to be good to you. Hold onto the greatest love of all–the love inside for you! That’s what it takes to overcome adversity.

May Whitney Houston rest in peace!

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