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You want rain, your friend wants the sun. You and your colleague both believe the one job opening is yours. People often ask me what happens when more than one person wants something that only one can have or put out conflicting expectations. How can it rain and not rain at the same time? Who will get the job that both people expect to get?

The person with the strongest faith, the strongest vibration and the strongest desire will usually get their expectation realized.

And there are many extenuating circumstances. Two people may say they want the job badly. One may focus in on it more and create the emotions to manifest. While the other person does this too, he or she may also have doubts or fears about getting it. So the job will probably go to the strongest manifester. But, sometimes you don’t get what you want because you’re not ready or it’s not right for you. Another job may open months later that’s a better fit for you. If you don’t get one now, you may do better with the other job.

Sometimes both people can get their expectations met at the same time, even if they conflict with each other.

One person may hear the weather forecast for rain all evening and be grateful for rain coming. Her lawn needs water badly and she has nowhere to go so it’s a perfect time for a downpour.  A mile away, someone else is having a barbecue for a large group and needs it to be the rain-free. The first one sends out a strong vibe for rain. The second one declares with great emotion that it will be dry. This happened to be when I went to my friend’s barbecue.

I didn’t want rain. Others did. I was positive it would stay dry for the duration of the barbecue. Absolutely without a doubt positive!

It never rained on us. The weatherman on the radio said it was raining, but we had none. And we were at the beach, which they said had a greater chance of showers! People called my friend’s cell to say how sorry they were that it was raining so they couldn’t come and were stunned when she said it was dry where we were! Some were less than a half-mile away! They were happy to get their gardens watered. We were happy to have a dry barbecue!

When strong intentions conflict, trust the Universe to work it out and let the Law of Attraction bring what’s needed.

Don’t let a conflicting intention weaken your own. It’s not your “problem” to figure out how it will all go down. Just KNOW it will all work out in the right time and best way for your higher good. Miracles happen when you let them. People still talk about how it rained all around us at the barbecue while we stayed dry. The people who got rain heard the forecast and expected it. I expected a dry evening. We all got what we expected!

No matter what a circumstance looks like or what others say, don’t let them blur or dampen your expectations.

Remember when there was a tremendous hype around swine flu? People who heard how bad it was expected to get sick, and did! They’ll tell you it was a bad flu season. I, along with my friends and family, affirmed it wouldn’t be and we all stayed healthy. So we thought it was a mild flu season. Same flu, different intentions and perception! You can create your own little reality in the midst of other people’s. It doesn’t matter what people think or how much they try to convince you you’re wrong. They can only impact what you get if you believe them.

Manifesting is individual. It’s about YOUR thoughts, not those of other people. Don’t let others influence your thoughts to diffuse you ability to get what you want.

Focus on what YOU want and YOU expect instead of letting what others say affect your thoughts and alter what you think you’ll get. Only YOU can manifest for YOU. Only YOU can change the course of that you’re attracting. So, who’s right? Everyone who focuses on what they want, creates the vibration to put a strong emotion behind the intention, and KNOWS it will happen. We can all manifest what we want, even if it’s different things. Leave it to the Law of Attraction to sort the details and make it work out!

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