I met a young woman at an event recenly. We chatted for a little while. I told her some of how I managed to reinvent myself and listened to her story about how she’s trying to find her way. I also gave her some advice, which I often do, and didn’t think about it that much. She asked for my card and thanked me. I thought that was it but a few days later I got a lovely thank you note in the mail. She told me how much she appreciated hearing what I had to say and also that I’d made time to listen to her.

I smiled. While I get lots of nice emails, there’s something about a handwritten note, especially in this era of emails and texts, that feels special.

While an email thanks works for many situations, if you want to make a good impression on someone or show true appreciation, get out a pen and notecard, write something personal, put a stamp on the envelope, address it, and put it in a mailbox. Taking the time to do this will make you stand out to the person you send it to.

If you have a job interview, send a thank you note for their time. If someone does you a big favor, let them know how much it meant to you in writing. People will remember you for it! It could make the difference between hiring you and someone else, or getting another big favor. Plus, it will probably make the person feel great, like it does for me. That in itself is a good reason to send a handwritten note.

A woman I know professionally always sends me a congrats card when she gets an announcement that I have a new book published. I don’t know her that well but my feelings about her are better than other professionals I know the way I know her, because of the notes she sends. With the holidays coming, consider sending handwritten notes to those who give you special gift. Just the act of sending it says that what they did meant something to you.

Handwritten note cards can set you apart from many others. It shows that you have good manners and appreciation. It doesn’t take much time to write a note. I keep blank cards on hand for those times when they’re warranted and just write a few words, address and stamp it, and put it in the mail when it’s convenient. That’s a small effort for what can make a great impression, and bring you good karma.

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