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You get together with 5 friends every Wednesday evening at your favorite cupcake cafe. One week someone comes in with a flyer for a 4-week workshop that can help advance your career. Everyone gets excited. It begins the following week, which means missing your regular get-together. After a long discussion, 3 friends decide they will register for it, and go on and on about how terrific it will be. How many friends will there probably be at the cupcake café the following week? You’re probably thinking this is too easy a math question. 6 – 3 = 3.

But, chances are—all 6 of you will be there!

Just because you want, and intend, to do something, doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it. It’s easy to create intentions in the heat of excitement, especially when you have friends around you all getting revved about doing something. It’s much harder to make a commitment with actions and take the steps necessary to do what you intend. And it’s especially hard if you decide to do something tomorrow, or Monday or any time that’s not right now since the fervor of your decision that moment can easily wane from the reality of taking action when the original motivation isn’t there.

I’ve been at spiritual gatherings and heard people declare what they decided they would do. They’d get excited. Janie intended to take a European vacation. Donetta intended she had to leave her critical boyfriend. James intended to quit his job. We were all revved to make changes in our lives. Weeks later I saw them again,. Janie was wavering on taking a trip. It wasn’t the right time to go abroad. Maybe next year. Donetta shared her boyfriend’s good qualities and why she gave him more chances to treat her better, though it wasn’t working yet. James explained it was too risky to quit his job in this economy.

Yet they were all set to do these things at the first gathering.

Reality can make it harder to carry out intentions you truly believed you’d follow though on. When you’re scared, intentions can turn into procrastination fueled by a slew of excuses for why it won’t work now. This still happens to me. I can get very determined to do something before it’s time to do it. But when the time comes, I falter. Maybe I didn’t sleep well and need to feel more rested to make the calls. Maybe I figure it’s too close to a holiday to try.  Even with all my empowerment, I can still have trouble keeping to my intentions.

The Law of Attraction will support your intentions only so far if you procrastinate and take no action.

Just deciding to do something isn’t enough. You need to take action to show you mean business and you need to generate the strong positive emotion around the results of your intentions. You intend to lose weight but the call of food, combined with laziness, tells the Universe otherwise. You intend to make more money but are scared to try to ask for a promotion or try a job with more responsibility and wonder why the Law of Attraction doesn’t bring it to you. Look at the message your actions, or lack of them, and your emotions about carrying out your intentions, tell the Universe.

In order to manifest the intentions you say you want, decide if you want it badly enough to do what’s necessary. Even if you need to go slowly, are you willing to take the steps? Once you’re more conscious about what you need to do to make your intentions happen, assess if you believe you can. Then take the first step to getting support from the Law of Attraction, with the second step right behind it. You can make your intentions real. It begins with being willing to take action and doing so!

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