I’ve heard people getting all upset because they didn’t do laundry or another chore if they ended up staying out having fun. I do recommend doing chores as an act of self-love, like I did in my post “I Love Me” Tip: Clear Your Sink Every Day. Taking control of bad habits feels good. But occasionally it’s loving to skip a chore and relax when you do. Fun is very important for a good life and says, “I love me!”

I’ve called a friend who said she couldn’t get together because she had to clean her bathroom. While bathrooms should be cleaned, waiting a few more days won’t hurt in most cases. Chores are tedious. I like to have a routine to do a little at a time, every day. But if I planned on staying in to clean and a friend calls with an invite, I go, guilt-free.

Life is too short to miss out on fun in order to do work you can put off—sometimes.

Just don’t put chores off forever. Then it becomes procrastination, which will make you feel bad. Create a routine to do a little bit of cleaning and other chores every day. But when something you want to do comes up, don’t skip it to wash the dog, do laundry, weed your garden, etc. Just make sure you take care of the task shortly after. In my DoorMat days I’d beat myself up for skipping a chore I planned to do because someone invited me out and I went. I’d go but not enjoy myself as I thought I was bad for not staying home to get the chore done.

Now when I decide to choose fun over work, I enjoy the fun and figure out when to get it done after. Cut yourself slack! Your living space doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Do what you can, when you can, and relax when you can’t do everything. The most important thing is to enjoy your life. That says a loud and clear, “I love me!”

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