Beca Lewis.jpgAs an author and guide Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus, to shift material perception to spiritual perception, which following the law “what you perceive to be reality magnifies,™” adjusts lives with practical and measurable results. Today she gives an example of how she was able to shift her perception when things were going wrong to a positive one.

A Duck, Grace, and a Printer?
 reprinted with permission © 2002
by Beca Lewis

There we were at the store playing with the big bin of stuffed animals; four of us laughing, giggling and having a blast of fun.

My daughter, two granddaughters, and I pulled out every big stuffed animal from that bin and hugged it. We wanted to get “Poppa” Del the perfect stuffed animal for him to hug when I am away from home. Lambs, pigs, cows, bunnies of all shapes, colors and sizes, and then there was the duck: big, yellow, and very soft and huggable.

Duck passed the hug test from all of us. We brought it back to my daughter’s home; everyone anointed it with lots of love and the duck traveled home on the airplane with me. Del loved it and named it Grace. Otherwise known as Gracie as in, “Good night Gracie.”

On the other side of the picture — a few days later I was in my office attempting to print out a draft of my book called, Living in Grace, The Shift to Spiritual Perception. The printer was acting like the very old printer it was by wrinkling and sticking and jamming. I was not acting as if I was living in Grace; quite the opposite in fact.

Enter Del bringing Grace, not the duck, the essence of Grace. He didn’t act, or react to my upset.  He entered knowing that all was well, and that I could see and feel it too.

Within minutes, I was back to myself and able to approach the printer quite differently. I started thinking about what living in Grace means on a practical level, and even though it still took me 3 hours to print out the draft I felt during that time that the printer and I were working together, each doing the best we could, to accomplish a much higher purpose than getting the draft off to the editor and meeting my deadline.

What happened to change the material picture from discord to harmony? When Del came in to the office to find out what all the ranting was about, he didn’t see me as an upset human. To himself, he said, “She is not herself”.

He knew that all of us are really the activity of God and at no point have we ever been anything other than that. That’s what he knew about me. He had no reaction to the upset. He saw only Truth; that there is only God –good at all times.

Because he came to help with no judgment or reaction, I was able to happily follow him to the living room without having to justify why I was so upset, or feel guilty for allowing myself to be upset. As I sat on the couch, I saw the duck Grace.

She made me laugh, because there she was sitting on the chair with her calm loving look as if nothing had happened at all. Between Del and his Grace, and the duck called Grace, the message was clear. Nothing had happened. All that had gone on and all that ever will go on is Love’s activity.

So what was the result? With a little help from my friends, I was able to shift my perception to a Spiritual Perception. That perception shift to Truth resulted in a peaceful and enjoyable 3 hours in the office with the printer, the duck, and Grace. And yes — the next day, we retired the printer and bought a new one, ready for printing the next draft for the editor.

Beca Lewis developed an easy to understand system to do this called The Shift® and has been sharing how to use this system to expand lives, and bring people back to the Truth of themselves for over 40 years. Check out Beca’s site, The Shift.

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