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This is post 105 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.

You may be amazed to hear me write what I’m about to say. After all, I’m the “expert” about the Law of Attraction, so I’m supposed to live it all the time. I do try to but I’m human. I get nervous like you do when something seems scary or overwhelming. Yes, I can do short term manifesting well. And my faith is very strong in situations that I’ve been in before and know how well the Law of Attraction has worked for me in the past. But in new, BIG, critical situations, I can think I’m minding my thoughts well but may not be.

Sometimes tasks or situations or things you want badly can hijack the emotions needed for manifesting.

Fear is a strong emotion. We’re used to being afraid at times but rarely get comfortable with it. And when you’re overwhelmed, like I’ve been, it can be hard to make space for the positive thoughts necessary for achieving goals if you’re consumed by what you’re trying to accomplish. When your thoughts and brain power are focused on what you need to do as you feel intimidated or daunted by those goals, you can lose sight of your real power–the thoughts and emotions needed to get the Law of Attraction on your side.

You may think you’re doing what’s necessary to send the right message but if your stomach is churning with fear and you’re energy is drained, you may be sabotaging yourself.

I know, because I’ve been in that place lately. Completely unaware. Thinking I was doing well. Determined to use the Law of Attraction to help with the biggest project of my life so far. I will announce it later this week. Suffice to say that it involves getting sponsorship, building a website, getting people to help me, and much more. All this while I’m developing 2 new books and writing this blog!

It would be easy to postpone what I’m doing. But that tells the Universe I don’t trust that I’ll get the support, money and resources I need.

Yet my stomach has been doing things it usually doesn’t–a manifestation of not digesting what’s going on in my life. I know all this intellectually, but got caught up in my feeling of being overwhelmed. Enter Carlos Castañeda. I met him at a spiritual gathering where I talked about my project. He immediately offered to help me with the technical end. Carlos lives by the Law of Attraction. So far, it seems like nothing ruffles him.

He told me that he just focuses on getting what he needs. Period. No thought to potential problems or how unlikely what he wants may seem. The result always comes when you just keep seeing it.

I’ve often said I need someone like me in my life.  I’m the one many people turn to for motivation and a reminder to stay focused on the positive. Or, give them a swift kick in the butt to switch their thoughts and actions to their goals. I need that too sometimes! I do believe that I manifested Carlos at the right time to observe what I wasn’t doing and remind me to do it.

If you can find a like-minded person–a spiritual buddy–to chat with regularly, you can help keep each other on the right spiritual track.

Carlos and I got together recently last week and I’m astounded by how much he’ll do to help me. God sent him to me for a reason and I must listen. He didn’t lecture me but observed my doubts about getting what I need. In his email he just said, “Remember to feel it all coming together, working, etc. You have awesome karma! Keep it up!!!” Wow! That shook me to my core. My doubts and fears had made me lose sight of my goal, and my faith in reaching it with ease.

Now when I feel nervous or overwhelmed, I remind myself, “Keep your eye on the ball.”

If you’re playing basketball or football, it’s important to watch the ball at all times. Getting distracted can cause you to miss a catch that comes to you or the opportunity to intercept a pass. Athletes know the importance staying focused on the ball. In life, your ball is your goal. I got distracted from mine because of negative emotions. Now I’m back on track. I’ve been making time to work on focusing my energies on feeling very positive emotions about my project.

When you feel overwhelmed or doubtful or scared, identify the main ball you need to score with, and remind yourself to stay focused on it, with the positive emotions of knowing it’s ours.

Take some time to get excited about reaching it. What good things will happen? How will you feel when it comes to pass? Make some time each day to generate the emotions needed to manifest. Thank God for it happening. Two weeks ago, I considered putting my project off for a year, to give me a lot more time. I asked God for 3 experiences of clarity that I couldn’t miss about whether I should do it now or wait.

I talked about this in my Law of Attraction in Action Series on Recognizing Signs. Ask
and you’ll receive!

First, someone I know who’s a psychic emphatically told me the time was now. Then I got one of my daily messages from a spiritual website that said the time you put off doing things is time you can’t get back. Ahhhh… Another sign I shouldn’t wait! Then Carlos sealed the deal! I’m focused on getting what I need. If you find yourself nervous about something, ask yourself why. Determine if it’s a legit fear or you just don’t feel supported enough. If it’s the latter, get focused! I can’t wait to announce my project later in the week. Now my doubts have been replaced by excitement!

You can also convert doubts into enthusiasm by holding fast to what you want and not letting negative emotions distract you.

Keep your eye on the ball, or the prize, or the wonderful outcome you want. KNOW that you have it, because you do when you believe. Make some time to work on visualizing the end product, and generating excitement. It’s YOUR choice. Choose to KNOW you have your goal, no matter how long it might take. Ask someone you trust to remind you to keep your faith strong. I feel so much better now, determined to make my project successful. It’s not always easy but the results are worth the effort to block out negative thoughts with a picture of success!

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