DavidElliot.jpgI’m thrilled to have an interview with David Elliot, known as the reluctant healer. He began his healing journey over 20 years ago, when he went from Kentucky to Los Angeles. A seed was planted that he should stay there and become an actor. It began to germinate and a few years later, David began acting. Within a year, strangers came up to him–off the street, in airplanes–telling him he was a healer. He didn’t understand it and asked God to send some answers. A friend said David had to meet a healer, who explained he was a healer and his special gift is that he’s clairaudient.

David’s auditory system is very advanced and he can hear very deeply into people’s conscious and the soul. The healer showed David a Pranayama breathing technique. What he got from it never turned off. He had to learn to recalibrate everything in his life form that point on. The healer was persistent and stayed in touch with David to develop his gift. David made a pact with the Universe to see 5 people a week and still be a actor. Quickly it became 40 people a week. David says the reluctance came from thinking that he needed to know something to be a healer. That soon changed. Here’s what he had to say.

How do you see yourself in relation to helping people heal? I’m kind of a midwife, helping people get in touch with their spirit and energy and teaching them quickly how to clear their energy and bring healing to themselves on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I work privately and in groups. when I speak to people I can sense what’s going on with them. I listen to their story, dialogue a little, and then have them lay down on a massage table. I teach them how to do this breathing meditation and very quickly get them in touch with and generate their own energy and connection to their spirit. The energy flow they connect to is very strong. It’s a part of their own essence. When they experience it, it overrides the brain it’s so strong. As a midwife, I help them focus into what’s ailing them. People eventually realize they can
let something go.

What does healing mean to you? To me it’s a return to a natural state that the person has inside themselves already. A lot of the work is to bring people to a state of balance and homeostasis that they already have within their being. If they can connect to the Universe within themselves through love, then they’re home free.

How would you explain Universal Energy Flow? The Universe is happening without us. We as humans think the Universe is happening because of us. As the sun comes up, as the stars appear, all of this is happening and we get to be conscious of it, or not. As we become conscious of it there is a distinct and strong energy that can flow to us through our awareness and openness to the Universe.

Why is self-love so important for healing? If we have that center point, that anchor inside of our heart, then we can connect to everything in the Universe and have relationships we can connect to because we have the anchor inside. The polar opposite of that–seeking love (most of society from what I see)–people don’t have self-love and are seeking it from the outside. It creates a lot of the negative experiences that people have.

Can people stop going to doctors and just self-heal? Personally I don’t go to doctors much but if I have a physical injury that needs treatment, I will go for it. I meditate into what’s going on and then if there’s something that’s not lining up I’ll go to a doctor.  It’s not either or. They go together. First I do the work spiritually and then if I want to include Western medicine I go from there. I don’t give myself over to a doctor 100%. When I do go I find someone I connect with. Natural healing isn’t competing with Western medicine.
How do emotions play into health? It’s ultimately what people do with the more negative emotions–anger, fear and sadness–that makes them negative. You can have a strong energy come up that can be viewed as anger but if you do something constructive with it, it can be labeled as passion. Fear can make you terrified. And artist can be shaking and sweating before a performance but by stepping forward and having intention that can turn into a high level of excitement. If you use the energy and color and paint with it, it can become a very powerful tool. If you stifle it and it shuts you down, it can create an out of balance condition in the body from negative emotions. They’re very much a part of humanity that makes us who we are. It’s all in how you use them. You can be empowered by them as opposed to stifled and shut down by the emotion.

How does connecting to our intuition contribute to healing? You call it the key to freedom. The emotions are like the notes a musician can express through. As we learn about our emotions and are able to express ourselves, stay open, be in a place of self-love and have it moving through us, that exchange gives us a connection to all things. Self-love puts us in the moment so we can flow with awareness and be conscious. That flow of energy is what I call intuition.The intuition is what keeps me balanced into the 3-dimensional and the spiritual world. It shows me how to be aligned.

Why is doing breathing exercises so important? The breathing meditation is a primary tool at the beginning because most people are stuck in their head, living in their minds. To get you into an organic connection and relationship with your body, your emotions, and your spirit, you need to be able to bring your mind to a still or slower place. Many people’s biggest problem is they’re stuck in their minds and creating illusions or disconnections to the world.

How does the free 7-minute meditation on your site help people? Why are you giving it away? That’s a short hors d’œuvre. It takes about 6-7 minutes of breathing to get the mind to relax. You take in oxygen and are relaxed. This breathing meditation is quite strong. I encourage people be in a more neutral place when doing it. Lying down is best.

What simple things do you think people don’t notice or fail to do that can improve their lives? If you got yourself into a mess and know your life is unhappy and your health is screaming and close relationships are falling apart, you must see that the problem must be with the way you’re doing things. You can never make anybody change. They must do it. People come to me after 20 years of therapy and experiencing problems. It’s all a spiritual conversation. They may be dialoguing about physical or emotional problems. I’m always looking at all situations from a spiritual level, with my intuition and gift of feeling and reading energy. T I have to experience it spiritually and then explain it physically 

What’s your best advice for people who want to become more self-aware and learn how to do healing, at least for themselves?  the reason yoga and spiritual practices are growing so fast is that people see the benefits of meditating and getting in touch with themselves on deeper levels. I believe a person should give time to themselves and their spirit every day, even for 2 minutes. Go run for 5 minutes. Make a little commitment for your health and well-being every day. If you do that for a period of time, you will start to change and your confidence will start to grow. Self-love will start to propagate.

Check out David Elliot and his books, Healing, and The Reluctant Healer, on his website. You can download a healing meditation there.

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