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What do you desire? Are you feeling it, tasting it, getting excited about it, visualizing it and knowing it’s coming? Or, are you focusing on the present, when you haven’t gotten the desire manifested yet? It’s normal to think about what you want from the perspective of not having it yet. But that doesn’t help you get what you desire.

Most of us know what we want but think about it as what we don’t have, instead of knowing it’s already in the Universe works.

When I was a DoorMat, I longed for things wistfully, feeling the sadness of not having what I wanted. Even things I knew I had the potential to get got lost in wishing and the frustration of not getting them. I never considered stirring up the positive emotions to manifest my desires and lived in a state of want for a long time. Most of us learn to think of desires as maybes for the future, or elusive stuff that has a good chance of not happening.

You attract according to the vibration you send out. Therefore, the vibration for your desire needs to reflect the excitement of having it, rather than the uncertainty of IF you’ll get it.

Vibrate at the level of the vision of what you intend to have, as it it’s already yours. It is! It’s just not here yet. Thinking like that allows the Law of Attraction to support you in achieving your desire. If your vibration reflects that you don’t have what you want yet or potential disappointment or doubt about not getting it, prepare to be disappointed. Vibrate where you want to be, not where you are. Get excited about who you want to be, not who you are now.

When your vibration matches your desire instead of your present circumstances, manifestation happens.

People ask what I mean by vibration. It refers to the positive or negative energy that you put into a thought. If you repeat, “I want to find my perfect mate,” over and over, but you say it more automatically–by rote–than with excited feelings, you probably won’t get it. But when you think about your desire, and get excited about what it will be like to have it and write down how great it will be and express your anticipation, that’s a positive vibration that gets a positive response.

When I really want something, I walk through my apartment, yelling and screaming that it’s coming. I get myself worked up and often give thanks for having it–all before it actually comes to me. But I know that even if I don’t see what I want, it’s in the works. My faith is so strong that I can feel it strongly. That’s a good vibration. Affirmations are great tools, but affirmations with excitement are fueled for manifesting.

Think about what you desire. See it, feel it, taste it, picture the results in your mind, and give thanks for it in advance.

Keep it up till your desire comes. It might take time if it’s not the right time for it. But if you keep the vibration strong and your expectations solid, it will come at the right time.  Don’t give in to doubt or naysayers or even tell people who might throw you off track. Keep it to yourself if it helps you stay on track. It’s YOUR desire and up to you to give it the energy needed to become real.

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