Sometimes I give clients exercises to do to make them more aware of how
they see themselves. Becoming more aware of your own perception, and
sometimes that of others, can help you see where you need to grow more
and what you can work with more. So today I have one of the exercises
below. This is a fun written exercise to expand your self-perception.
Give the questions to friends and compare answers. You can also answer
these about your friends so that you can give each other a different
perspective to work with. It can be an entertaining activity to do one
evening over drinks or coffee!

It’s fun to come up with these answers, especially in a group. Save
yours and take it again in a year or so to see if your answers change.
Enjoy the self-fantasy! Answer however you wish. There are no right
or wrong responses:

1. If you could have 3 no-string wishes, what would they be?

2. What’s a good saying for your personalized t-shirt?

3. What would a car named for you look like?

4. What animal do you relate to the most and why?
5. What would a film of your life be called? Who’d be perfect to play
6. What do you think you’ll most be remembered for?
7. What would you like to be most remembered for?
8.  What name or word would be appropriate to represent you on-line?

9. What’s your best advice for someone who wants to be happy?
10. If your name were used as a word that represents your spirit, how
would you use it as a

a) noun (e.g., A daylle makes the room feel brighter).
b) adjective (e.g., I love snuggling with the dayllish kitten).
C) verb (Our energy was so high we daylled up the mountains.)

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