Bed headhsot.jpgFor me, giving back is an ongoing blessing. That’s why it’s so gratifying to read all your thoughts about why you want to become more empowered. And I appreciate those of you who gave advice to others who posted comments. It’s truly a blessing to share what you learn. Now I’m preparing my BIG giving back dream.

While I’ve stopped being a people pleaser, I thrive on giving back for my blessings.

I wrote a book called How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways. It’s full of tips that specifically address how to build strong self-love. Every self-help book encourages loving yourself, but how can you do that? My book spells it out. I had just given the proposal to my agent when my mom passed away suddenly.

During that time I had a strong message from above that I was meant to give this book away to say thanks for all my blessings.

So I took it back from my agent and finished it. I’m currently editing the book and looking for someone to create the cover design I came up with and also for someone to do the layouts for the book. I’m starting to talk to potential sponsors. All of the is in my “spare time” (ha ha!) so it’s a slow go. But I’m finding people who are volunteering to help me and KNOW it will happen!

When the book is ready, first I will put it online as an e-book and give it away for free as a download.

This is a full size book. I’ve never been so excited about any of my other writing. It took me MANY years to learn how to love myself. It was trial by error since I had no resources to teach me. How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways is filled with specific ways to build self-love. If I can help people to build the kind of self-love that I have, I will feel blessed beyond measure. I was able to turn my unhappy life around and reinvent myself to have a career and life that I love. This is one way I’ll say thanks for it all!

Giving back in some way attracts more blessings. And it feels so good.

I will have more articles on the importance of giving back. I also will have interviews with famous people who’ve started foundations and other projects aimed at giving back to the communities and the world, as well as with heads of corporate ventures for giving back. I want to motivate you to find ways to give back for your own blessings. It feels wonderful to do it and you’ll manifest more blessings. For me, just knowing that my writing helps people is a HUGE blessing in itself.

If you’re not conscious of your blessings, I invite you to join my Conscious Gratitude group on Yahoo and post your blessings. It will help raise your giving consciousness! I get more ideas of what to give thanks for from others who post.

I’ve been planning to do this for years. My eventual goal is to put the book out in a hard copy that can be given out to people who don’t have access to a computer to download an e-book. And maybe I’ll sell it to raise more money. All suggestions welcome! When the book is ready, I shall announce it here. Stay tuned!

I highly recommend that you identify your blessing and then find ways to give back to others as a thanks for them. Every time you do good, good will come back to you. It might not be from the person or cause you gave to and it could take a while. You might not recognize it because it could be in a whole different of your life, which you label a coincidence. But since nothing is a coincidence, it will be there. Whenever I need something, I get support from the most amazing places.

Giving back to others makes YOU feel good.

Though people think I’m crazy to give away a book I could make money from, knowing that I help people is a bigger reward than money! You can experience that too by finding ways, however small to help someone out or get involved in a charity. You don’t have to give money you can’t afford. Time works too! Find what works for you but find it!

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