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Since the Law of Attraction supports what we think and say, silence can seem like a neutral state for manifesting. But it isn’t if you’re silent in cases where speaking up stops negatives. Think about it. How many women tolerate bad behavior from a romantic partner without speaking up because they think they must tolerate it or be alone?

How many times have you been annoyed or hurt or insulted by someone but chose to let it go to keep the boat from rocking?

Much of the world was silent when Hitler carted millions of people to concentration camps. Later regret didn’t bring back the lost lives. It seems to be human nature to not speak up when things don’t concern you directly or when they do, but you’re scared of alienating someone you think you need. The Law of Attraction reads silence about these things as acquiescence.

Silence about unacceptable behavior tells the person you think it’s acceptable. It gives them permission to continue.

I had a client whose friend was very sarcastic, in ways that hurt her a lot. Jerri complained about Carla often. I asked if she told Carla how she felt. No, she said, it was just Carla’s way. She talked to everyone like that. Everyone accepted it as how Carla was. Then Jerri went off on another rant about how nasty it is. Hello! I explained that just because it was how Carla treated everyone, it still wasn’t right. Silence gave Carla permission to keep putting people down with her sarcasm.

If you’re silent about something that bothers you, the Law of Attraction will bring you more.

People test. If you continuously let someone take advantage of your kindness, the behavior will continue unless you speak up. Two words can stop it–“That’s unacceptable.” As I came out of DoorMatville, “UNACCEPTABLE” became a word I used often to stop people who treated me poorly or used me. As far as I’m concerned, all behavior that consciously, or even unconsciously, hurts another is unacceptable. “That’s unacceptable” breaks the silence and stops giving permission.

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

How people treat you matters! How people treat others matters! When you hear racial slurs or gay bashing, that’s unacceptable. Physical and verbal abuse is unacceptable. Lying is unacceptable. And much more! When you break your silence and stand up for yourself or for others and let someone know their words or behavior is unacceptable, you attract self-respect. Jerri eventually said those words to Carla and you know what? Carla curtailed sarcasm aimed at Jerri yet they’re still friends. Jerri felt good about that. Carla continues being sarcastic to all the other silent folks.

Each time you stop behavior that’s unacceptable by saying something, you give yourself some love.

Silence can be golden in the right circumstances. But silence also sends a message to the Universe that you’re willing to tolerate intolerable behavior. Speak up! You don’t have to be nasty or loud. Two words said softly with intent can do it. “That’s unacceptable.” Or inappropriate, or find your own words and use them! DoorMats tolerate behavior they hate to keep the peace. Nice People on Top know better. Send a message that you deserve positive behavior ONLY and that’s what you’ll begin to attract!

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