Today I have Tamara Overlee, author of The Truth of Life From the World of Love and Spirit. Her article emphasizes how we should treat one another if we are to make the world a better place.

Learning of Compassion
Automatic Writings by Tamara Overlee

Tamara Overlee.jpgOnce you give and allow another to receive, your soul feels peace and contentment. The more you give of yourself, the more you will be surrounded with peace. Aspire to this realm more often, for it is such a joy to see another’s happiness.

When you know of someone who requires help today, follow through with your heartfelt feelings and give a lending hand, for this soul may not have the same requirement tomorrow. It ‘is is common sense; therefore, give this statement some thought. If it is not possible to carry out your desires, then send another in your place, and make more effort to find a solution for the one in need. When a cry for help is heard, act upon it, and do not delay. Think of how you would feel if you needed help. There are many who do not have one known soul to help them. Yes, my friend, many souls do not have one single friend.

This way of living should not exist, for we are all friends. Be aware of how important your friends truly are. They are to be loved and cherished. Give to one another and enjoy the companionship.

Think of how happy you feel when you can call on your best friend and enjoy a nice day or evening together. Think of the comfort and peace you have by just knowing that you can call on your friend to merely listen to your feelings when you are confused or sad. Also, think of how you would feel if you did not have a friend. Think of the loneliness and possible despair. There are many souls, as we have said, who do not have one single friend.

Think of how life would be with no one to talk to in confidence or no one to share with in pleasure. Yes, there would only be loneliness. Why, we ask, does this situation of life exist? In most instances, this situation is a result of fear–yes, fear of becoming too close to another, fear you might lose a part of yourself (your personal identity) in doing so, fear of tearing down the wall that encompasses the soul, fear of being honest, and fear of just being the beautiful soul you are. As we in spirit speak of friends, we are referring to a true friend–a friend you can openly voice your innermost feelings to without ever having any fear or anxiety.

You meet people each and every day. Some are acquaintances in passing, while others may become friends you get to know and spend valuable time with. What a beautiful union when the meetings of people turn into friendships! Do not be afraid to share your thoughts with others. If they become your true friends, they will accept you and offer no ridicule.

A true friend will never judge or criticize you. A true friend will be open and offer assistance whenever you require or ask for it. A true friend will give you love, truth, and honesty.

A true friend will treat you with kindness and patience and will have unconditional compassion for you. A true friend will only give, never take. A true friend will be by your side, regardless of the burdens that have been placed upon you. In truth, a true friend will become a part of your soul. Both of you will be as one and will treasure this bond throughout life. If all souls could aspire to true friendships, think of what a beautiful world we would have! There would be peace and love that would bring enduring happiness.

Place great value on your friendship. If a problem should arise in the union, be open and talk it out, for it would be a tremendous sadness to disengage because of misunderstanding. Of course, you can be closely attached or have a deeper connection with some souls more than others, for you are attracted to certain people who are of your same character. ‘is is a completely natural response; however, there are many who will use and take advantage of friendships. Should this happen to you, and you are deceived or hurt because neither has the desire to mend the friendship, then bless your friend and move on to further your growth. You cannot control the desires of another, so do not brood or become despondent over this situation. Stay in the light of goodness, and keep in mind that all souls are created of equality and purity, although each will develop a unique character and personality.

Do not feel bad if you do not truly care for another, for everyone is not comfortable in the midst of all personalities and characters. Love the soul of all individuals, and be aware that personalities do change. Again, we will say: ‘e soul remains constant within purity and equality. Know the meaning of a true friend and value it as a precious gift, for if you have one, you are truly blessed.

We in spirit speak of all souls as friends, for we are all developing our characters and morals of life. Always be open, honest, and giving in your friendship. Place it within a realm of love, and allow the givingness to render a friendship of truth, for a true friend will become a part of your most cherished soul.
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About Tamara Overlee: Whether one is Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Wiccan, Muslim, or any religion at all…spiritual health is a necessary part of success and well-being. Tamara and Andrew Overlee’s devotion to help mankind motivates others to achieve a healthy outlook in order to live a peaceful, joyous, and balanced life. To learn more about their books, teachings and their Joy of Healing Organization and Center, visit:

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