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As the holiday season approaches, I thought eating was a good topic, since many of us will do a lot of it. ? We try not to. Resolve to be strong. But then the temptation and scents of yummies weaken us. So we indulge. And indulge. And then often lament and come down on ourselves hard after. It’s better to put eating into perspective so you can enjoy it more. Food is to be enjoyed.

You can ruin a good pig-out with regret and self-scolding.

Eating is normal. We all need to do it. Of course eating to excess, like I’ll probably do on Thursday, isn’t something to do regularly, but splurges are fun on holidays! Guilt isn’t. Yet so I see or hear from so many people who afflict self-wounds by denying themselves the pleasure of good eating or by eat the fattening goodies and then berating themselves so much that all pleasure is squashed.

The Law of Attraction hears you put yourself down for indulging in yummy excess or lamenting about how fat you are so you must be good.

All this attracts unhappiness for sure. And, it says you expect to get fat from one meal or that a splurge will ruin your body, both of which aren’t true unless you make it so. The Law of Attraction takes those thoughts and supports them coming true. When I had those kind of fat thoughts, I did gain weight more easily and then things prevented me from taking the weight off.

Hello! If you EXPECT to gain weight and EXPECT to feel fat, you probably will!

As I relaxed about my body and eating, a funny thing happened. I gained less during pig-outs and it came off easier. When I was a DoorMat, I hated my body and saw myself as fat. I swear, if I ate a piece of pie I could see it in my stomach area right after so all the joy of a special dinner would go right out the window. The more I’d lament that I was a big fat pig, the more weight I gained. Now I know I was affirming it.

Today I enjoy my food thoroughly and tell the Universe I’m not worried about gaining weight, at least not permanently. And I don’t!

If you approach a holiday meal with thoughts of “I’m so fat,” “What a pig I am,” “I hate myself for eating well at the dinner,” “I’m bad for wanting another piece of cake,” you send a message of self-loathing. You also say you EXPECT to gain weight, instead of believing, like I do, that a splurge can come off fast with some exercise and healthier eating after. And it does for me!

When you love yourself and accept your body with love, weight comes off. I put it out that I EXPECT my body to be the same a few days after holiday eating, and it is.

Self-loathing attracts more to loath. It puts out fat expectations that come to pass. Self-love somehow helps the body to relax and attract easier weight loss. Body loathing attracts weight gain. Of course I try to eat in moderation after pigging out and I also do more exercise if I can. But I no longer worry about it.

Worrying tells the Universe you don’t trust that your body will survive holiday eating.

Self-loathing attracts more self-loathing. Self-love attracts more self-love and sets up a vibration for you to survive holiday eating and still feel good about yourself. Of course you don’t want to totally lose control. That’s just common sense. I leave on Wednesday to spend 4 days at my sister’s house in the Berkshire Mountains of Connecticut. My sister loves to entertain and is a fabulous cook. So I know I’ll have to exert some constraint. But I also know I’ll be pigging out a lot too! I’m bringing my sneakers and will do some power-walking and running to burn off some calories. And if necessary, I’ll be more vigilant about my eating for a while when I return.

Pigging out for days does bring weight gain, no matter how vigilant you are. I don’t expect the Universe to completely pardon me if I over-indulge for 4 days.

So I’ll do what I can to prepare for it in advance. While I will eat the fattening foods I love, I’ll do what I can to stay in some loose control of my eating. This is more because I love myself enough to want to remain healthy. Eating an overabundance of fat and sugar isn’t good for me and I’ll respect that. Plus, after days of that I don’t feel well and I like to feel well! Turkey day will be forgiving and I’ll eat what I want. Then I’ll set some boundaries, while still enjoying the good food.

My message to the Universe: I deserve to enjoy a pig-out without hurting my body but I also love myself enough to take care of me.

Everything in moderation after the big dinner shows that intention. But it’s done out of self-love, not self-loathing or hating my body. I just began adding chia seeds to my diet. They’re known as the super food of the Amazon for their dense nutritional value. They also make me feel fuller so I don’t want to eat as much. I’ll have them with me to try to keep my pig-outs in control. With it all, I EXPECT to keep my weight stable, and attract things to help me balance the eating. I’m lucky that I burn more calories in the thinner mountain air.

Relax and enjoy a good meal when the opportunity arises. Don’t taint it with guilt or anger about it. That’s an act of self-love, which attract good things.

Then take better care to eat more healthy and exercise to burn some of it off. You only live once. Show the Universe you love yourself enough to splurge and enjoy and enough to then take control. I already know that by the end of next week, my scale will be where it was this morning. When you relax and EXPECT to not have long-term weight gain, it’s easier to enjoy the holidays, and to keep your weight in check.

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