Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. While I count my blessings every day on my Conscious Gratitude group on Yahoo, I love having a whole day to focus on being grateful for everything in my life. Even if you live in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (and I know many of you are out there!), please join me in our tradition of focusing on your blessings.

John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

It’s so true! Spiritual lip service doesn’t cut it! Many people make gratitude lists but don’t feel the appreciation that should go with them. Feeling deep gratitude for all your blessings is one of the best ways to attract more blessings. When I was a DoorMat I thought I had none since I was so focused on how unattractive I felt, the disappointment of always feeling let down by people, overburdened with favors I couldn’t say no to, etc. Blessings???? Ha, not for me back then.

Insecurity makes us do things that can overshadow our blessings.

Those negatives were my choice. I made them because I was too insecure to stand up to people. But even with all that, I did have many blessings I couldn’t see. Cellulite blinded me to my overall good curvy figure, pretty green eyes and what I now know is my pretty face. Unhappiness blinded me to happy things that were there.

Now I recognize my blessings with joy! In honor of Thanksgiving, I will list some of my blessings here. And, it would be a blessing for me if you would share yours in the comment section below. Think about EVERYTHING you can that’s good in your life and write it down. The more you think, the more you’ll think of. Here goes mine:


My wonderful, supportive friends and family.

My brother in law had a clear PET scan after going through heavy treatment for cancer.

That I developed the guts to reinvent myself after being an unhappy schoolteacher to becoming a successful author, speaker, self-empowerment counselor and music industry consultant.

Having a career that fulfills me that I LOVE.

Sticking to my vows to live a passion driven life.

Being able to touch the lives of people from around the world with my writing.

Having exceptionally good health.

Loving the apartment I live in—heart of midtown Manhattan eastside, overlooking trees, lot of light and space, peaceful.

Always having enough money for what I want.

Feeling very positive about my life.

Being able to do what I want, how I want, when I want.

Getting to travel.

Being content with who I am and getting older because I know I keep getting better!

All of you who support my blog.

Writing this from the Berkshire Mountains in CT where my sister has a house and my whole family is here.

My BIGGEST, BIGGEST, BIGGEST, blessing is my total faith in God! It sustains me and allows me to manifest whatever I need.

And, not being a DoorMat anymore.

Please share your blessings in the comments section right below!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may you recognize MANY blessings!

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