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My birthday is this Saturday, September 19th. I’m looking forward to it with the joy of a little kid! Yet I hear over and over, people talking about their birthdays as one step closer to the end of their lives. They avoid telling their ages, even in their twenties. And they EXPECT to begin to get physical ailments as they approach their 40’s and beyond.

Hello! That screams to the Law of Attraction to make their aging process unpleasant. It usually works!

Each birthday is NOT a notch in your death sentence! It’s an opportunity to celebrate another glorious year on this earth. That’s what I do. My message to the Universe is that I intend to make the most of every day that I’m here. And my life keeps getting better. I attract better!

Getting old isn’t just in your head. Our bodies change. But you can adapt to the changes and find ways to keep up a positive attitude.

I admit, I get tired more easily these days. I hear it from others too. But creating a “woe is me” kind of message about getting more tired or your body aching a bit more as you get older and do activities attract more woe to you! The Law of Attraction brings you what expect. If you expect woe, you’ll get it! If you accept the changes with joy, knowing that the rest of your life is good, you’ll enjoy life a lot more.

Find ways around some of the glitches of getting older by taking better care of yourself, and you can offset it.

I’m still running several times a week. People even younger than me say they’re sure they can’t do that anymore since they’re getting older and their knees will give them problems. Bah! When I began to run 4 years ago, I also began to take Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM. I knew it helps joints build more cartilage. When my mom (may she rest in peace) had a lot of pain during her power walks, her doc insisted she needed both knees replaced. I got her on the supplement and a few months later she was power walking pain free. Her doc was shocked that she no longer needed surgery.

So I take a smaller dose to protect my healthy knees, knowing I’m getting older and running can hurt my joints. And I take smaller (but more) strides than most runners, keeping my feet low to the ground to minimize impact. People laugh at me for all the supplements I take each day and the acupuncture I get regularly. But heck, I look much younger than my years and still do things that people much younger can’t keep up with.

Making some small conscious changes to protect your body, including your skin and hair, tells the Law of Attraction you intend to stay healthy as you age, and look better!

Friends I’ve known for years won’t tell me their ages, even though I know they’re younger than me and they know mine. Years ago I interviewed a famous singer, who was no more than 40 and told me she couldn’t get the number out of her mouth. It was too painful. What does that tell the Law of Attraction?—that aging is painful!

I acknowledge that there’s a lot of ageism out there, especially for women. I’ve been asked my age too many times before going on a TV show. It’s discriminatory and insulting! But that’s the way life is. I admit—I’ve lied to producers to get on the show and it’s never an issue after that. They call me back on. But age could get in my way of getting my foot into the youth conscious door.

Nonetheless, your age can’t be changed so you might as well make the best of your life instead of putting a damper on it by telling the Universe your age hurts you.

Find ways around any health issues that may come and don’t let them stop or depress you. Succumbing to fear of aging keeps you from living every day you have to the fullest. Happiness at any age is VERY possible. It’s up to you. Tell the Universe that aging makes you less of a worthy person or less healthy or less of anything and you’ll reap what you sow. Why ruin your joy!

Or, join me in celebrating every year of your life, without letting age get in your way. It’s YOUR choice how you perceive it.

I’ll begin my birthday celebration on Friday night and then celebrate all day on Saturday. Maybe Sunday too! But honestly, I try to celebrate every day as a new one. Saturday is the first day in the next year of my wonderful life. Not the beginning of another year closer to the end. It’s so much nicer to live in joy than fear or depression that you bring on yourself by expecting negatives.

I’m the same person no matter what my age. Universe—I’m ready for the next great year of my life! Bring it on!

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