Another year to celebrate! I’m flat out kid today. Fun. Eating. Being lazy. Celebrating. Kids do these things. Adults often minimize the day as not a big deal or lament another year. As I said in my post on Monday for the Law of Attraction in Action series on Aging, birthdays are a fabulous way to celebrate another year of your life.

Choose to take care of yourself so you can age well and not be intimidated by getting older.

People tell me I’m lucky when they hear my age. I’m usually taken for a lot younger than I am. My skin is youthful, my body fit and my muscles strong. What surprises people the most is I don’t need glasses for anything. I recently went to an eye doc to get my form filled out to renew my driver’s license. Even she was surprised at my excellent vision. Lucky? Nope.

You too can have good health luck by taking excellent care of it like I do.

I’ve always tried to have good health habits. Maybe the luck is having parents who taught me the importance of taking vitamins and supplements, exercising, and paying close attention to the general care of my body. Since my late teens I’ve consciously cared for my skin. I read many health magazines to learn about what’s best for me. People laugh at me when they see how many pills I take each day. Let them! I just have to look in the mirror, look at them without glasses or see the numbers on my blood tests to laugh back!

Age isn’t just a number. It represents the number of years you’ve been blessed to be on this earth!

Each year is a blessing, not a curse. You make it a curse when you look at yours in a negative light. Sure I have more limitations than I used to. I feel it a little more when I stay out late or other activities. Oh well. Should I lament? Nope! I just work with what I have and watch myself a bit more since I don’t want to hurt my health.

Agatha Christie said, “I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”

Being alive is a grand thing! A very grand thing! Don’t let other people or the media make you mourn birthdays. Celebrate you on your day, as I’m celebrating me today. You’re alive, and the same person you were yesterday. You don’t just change as the day comes. You can work with your years and enjoy them or work against them and be at unhappy about getting older, which ruins your joy!

This post is short today because I have things to do to celebrate! Special people, a reflexology session, enjoying the glorious weather I always attract for my HAPPY day! I’m wearing my t-shirt that says, “Women do not have an expiration date.” You can see it backwards in the pic.

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