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Everyone gets disappointed. It’s just part of being alive. If you have no disappointment, you’re probably not living fully enough. I’ve said this at a talk and people have questioned how someone with strong faith in the Law of Attraction can be disappointed. Shouldn’t I just keep attracting what I want? No! It doesn’t work that way. And honestly, it’s better that way. Disappointments help us appreciate the good stuff. If everything went your way all the time, you’d take your blessings for granted.

I don’t manifest 24/7. There are many times that I’m so busy I forget my own lessons. Disappointing? Nope! It’s being human.

Often disappointments are also things we want that don’t happen because it’s not best for our highest good. If all we had to do to get anything was wish, we’d all have everything. But what you want may not be what you need or may not be best for you. Even so, if it doesn’t happen, you can become disappointed. That can set off a negative thought with a negative chain reaction.

Disappointment tells the Universe you feel let down. It’s almost like the opposite of gratitude, which attracts blessings. So guess what disappointment attracts!

Disappointment can also block you from taking future risks in faith. People withhold joy and adventure in the name of avoiding disappointment. You might not realize you do it consciously but it happens. Disappointment doesn’t feel good. I agree. But you can’t let it stop risks or looking forward to getting stuff you want. And you shouldn’t let disappointment create fear—of being let down by not getting what you want.

Disappointments are road bumps, not doors that shut. It’s your choice, not your sentence, to get too discouraged to try again.

It’s a natural reaction to let the memory of disappointments permeate your consciousness and effect your decisions now. That’s living in the past, yet many of us do that. Disappointments wound us. They hurt. I’ve had some major letdowns that literally whammied me into pain as bad as a physical wound. It happens to us all. You may get fired or have a business tank or a deal fall through or lose someone you care about or a gazillion other letdowns. Your perspective about what happens determines your future.

When you’re disappointed, do you tell the Law of Attraction that you’re angry at what you got, or have faith that it happened for a reason?

I choose the latter. I’ve accepted that things happen for a reason and something that isn’t for my highest good won’t happen, even if I want it badly. I learned this when a top literary agent was enthusiastic about repping the first book I wanted to write. She was sure I’d get a 6-figure deal for it and insisted I go buy a conservative suit to wear to meet with editors. I did and walked around in frenetic excitement, expecting to be rich soon. But not one editor wanted to meet me and the book go no offers.

I was devastated when the agent gave up and mourned for a day to soothe my disappointment. Then I affirmed, “Everything happens for a reason, Whatever is meant to be will be.”

The Universe worked with me and brought me the reasons. I self-published a newsletter to have something to write and sell. Doing that made me a better writer and helped me solidify my writing voice. I needed to do that before editors got into the mix and pushed me possibly in the wrong direction. Feedback from people who subscribed to my newsletter gave me a confidence in my ability to write that I never would have if I’d gotten a deal back then.

Realizing that strengthened my faith and the Law of Attraction responded by showing me a better direction.

Disappointments can make you quit, or make you stronger. I got stronger! They can spark your determination to ultimately succeed if you let them. Disappointments have a profound effect on many people in ways they don’t easily recognize and spur you to send out counterproductive messages that helps the Law of Attraction send you more of what you don’t want, such as:

“My romantic partner broke my heart. I’ll never love again!” If you prefer to never have love again, go for it. Otherwise, change your perspective to something like, “Next time I’ll love someone who is good for me and will treat me well.”

“I’ll never get a job as good as the one I lost.” Is that what you want? If not, don’t say it!

“Things aren’t going well. Life sucks!” Need I elaborate on what the Law of Attraction will bring you if you say things like this?

When you accept life’s circumstances and learn to roll with them, with a positive perspective, you’ll attract something more positive later. It can take a while. Years after the book I mentioned earlier didn’t get even a nibble from publishers, I’m grateful I never wrote that book. I know that had I gotten it published, my career would be very different. As I grew, so did my take on self-empowerment. That book would have steered my career in a direction that I’m so glad I didn’t go in. So in retrospect, if worked out perfectly.

Turn your disappointments into blessings! You can if you change how you view them.

Tell the Universe it’s okay, and that you trust you’ll get what’s best for your highest good at the right time. Disappointments also teach when we let them. You can learn what to do better or differently next time whether it’s a relationship, business, trusting someone who let you down, etc.

Disappointments usually mean that what you wanted wasn’t for your highest good or the thoughts you put out attracted what disappointed you.

Either way you can control them. Tell the Law of Attraction you’re open and willing to accept what you get, and then watch your thoughts carefully to let the Universe know exactly what you expect. Doing that cuts down on disappointments and makes the best of the ones you have. I gave away the suit my first agent made me buy with the tags still on it. It wasn’t my style. Now, my whole career is tailored to who I am and it fits me well! I’m so glad I turned that disappointment into a blessing!

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