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Most of us worry sometimes. It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction when things don’t go well or there’s something you really want but aren’t sure of. But it’s definitely a habit that’s worth breaking. I used to worry about everything. Am I good enough today? Will he call? Can I support myself? What if I’m really sick? Will she come through surgery OK? Worrying is usually based on projection about the worst case scenario that can happen. People often make themselves ill from worry, which brings more reasons to worry.

The Law of Attraction reads worry as a lack of faith and a belief that the thing you’re worrying about will come true. So you attract what you worry about!

When your thoughts linger on what you worry about, you reinforce that lack of faith. It becomes a vicious cycle. You worry, the Universe hears the thoughts, and brings you what you worry about or intensifies your worries. So you worry more and it continues to bring you negative feelings or results. Why hurt yourself like that?! Most of what we worry about is unnecessary.

The more you tell the Law of Attraction that you don’t have faith in a good outcome, you more you get a bad one.

Are you concerned about things that may happen in the future? Do you waste time worrying over things that don’t happen? Worry is fear in action. You’re scared, dwell on it and can’t move. You want to make that call but worry that you won’t sound right. The antidote to worrying is to stay living in right NOW. The future will come soon enough but right now those problems you see potential for don’t exist.”

Worrying creates doubt that chisels at your faith. It’s hard to feel supported spiritually when you’re expecting bad things to happen.

I used to worry about everything that wasn’t right in front of me. Anything that hadn’t happened yet had a potential for problems. Now I understand that I got problems by worrying so much. As my faith got stronger, so did my awareness of how worrying sent the wrong message. The stronger my faith became, the less I worried. The less I worried, the more things worked out for my highest good. The synergy is fantastic!

When you’re worried about something, reassure yourself by saying, “Everything will work out fine. Whatever is meant to be will be.” It really does when you control the urge to worry!

I look back when things don’t go my way to find a reason. There always is one. Sometimes it can take some time to find it. But if you expect to, and watch for it, the reason will appear. This takes patience and faith. I was a skeptic when I first read about this. But the more I found the reasons for why things I wanted didn’t go my way, the more I knew that something better for my highest good would come. When you look for them, the reasons become apparent. That increases my faith and helps me to curb worrying. I don’t need to worry! I just need to find reasons!

An unknown author said, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and all is well.”

When I’m worried and push through the doubts, I look back from the other side of what worried me. That helps me to see that my worry was unfounded. I reassure myself instead of fueling the fears that worrying creates.

Life happens. Worrying doesn’t change things for the better but it can make life worse when it keeps you from doing things and weakens your faith. Use affirmations to overcome those worried thoughts. It’s hard to think two different things at the same time. Say whatever feels right to you, over and over until you drown the thought that feeds worrying. Overcome concerns with positive thoughts and let life happen to the best of your ability!

Each time I feel worry coming on, I consciously release the situation into God’s hands. It always works out.

Releasing your concerns to God can be scary since you let go of control. And I like feeling in control now! But, the truth is, trusting God enough to let Him handle your situation is the ultimate of taking control. It’s guiding your faith in a positive direction and allowing the Law of Attraction to do its work. Having faith is the best kind of control over your life and attracts less to worry about! Now I tell the Universe to bring it on, since I know I’ll be fine, instead of looking for negative possibilities.

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