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It never fails. Every winter, I talk to someone, or a bunch of people, who are stuffed up or not feeling well. I go to give a hug and I’m warned to stay back or I may catch something. I always reassure them that I won’t and they act like I’m crazy. But I feel strongly that I’ll stay healthy, even hugging someone who’s sick, and I do. The Law of Attraction kindly responds as I stay healthy.

Some people maximize their perception of illness or injuries. I minimize health problems with my thoughts!

Some people are really good at suffering. If they catch a cold, they’ll say they’re sick with the flu. Little things become major injuries. I’m referring to the old making a mountain out of a molehill mentality. The automatic response to even a stuffed nose is, “I’m sick.” Thinking “I’m sick” makes you feel worse. And, it tells the Universe that you’re sick, so you continue to feel sick and will probably take longer than necessary to feel better.

When you minimize physical ailments, you reinforce being well.

I recently had a bad stuffed nose, sore throat and then laryngitis. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling good and I sounded awful. But when anyone heard me and referred to me as being sick, I refuted it and said I was just under the weather. They looked at me like I was crazy. I sure sounded sick! But, I refused to use that word. The Law of Attraction picks up on what you say. If I said I was sick, I’d reinforce being sick. I had no fever. And I chose to believe that all my ailments were a result of the very cold weather we had. Into the heat, out into the cold, irritated my system. That’s all it was—under the weather.

I was in much better spirits being under the weather than I would have been being sick. Yet all I did was use different words!

Years ago, I remember hearing Louise Hay say that if you fall in a way that might have broken your leg, do not say, “I may have broken my leg.” Instead, immediately affirm that you’re fine–even if you feel awful or the potential consequences aren’t good. Affirming that you’re fine sends out an intention of being fine. I agree with her that doing this, with a strong intention in your attitude of being fine, will prevent illness or injury from going beyond an initial discomfort. And it’s much less likely that your leg will be broken!

You can choose to wallow in your physical ailments or get better faster and suffer less by keeping your perception from going down the negative path.

A few months ago I had a bad fall. It was dark in my apartment and I got up to use the bathroom. Since there was a house guest in my living room, I didn’t want to turn on any lights since it might have disturbed her. Coming back, I turned to close my door, which I don’t normally do. Since I was half asleep, I got a little disoriented from turning, tripped over my slipper, and kind of fell. The fall itself wasn’t bad. I felt it coming and kind of sat down. But as I went down, my forehead slammed against a sharp point. It hurt.

I immediately told myself, “I’m fine.” Then I felt my head and it was wet in the spot I hit. It had to be blood. Worse, my finger went deep into that spot. A chunk was gone! I began to process that I’d had a bad bang on my head and got a little lightheaded as my guest, who’d heard the fall, came in. I repeated “I’m fine” as an affirmation to myself. She immediately ran to the phone to call 911. I looked pretty bad.

I yelled to stop and kept saying loudly, “I’m fine.” “I’m fine.” “I’m fine.”

She put the phone down but said my head was bleeding from a very deep cut and she insisted I should go to a doctor. I refused. We argued. By then I was fighting for my right to be fine. Truthfully, I was scared. This was new for me. My head hurt and the missing part was deep. But I kept saying “I’m fine” to block out thoughts of a more serious problem. I never did go to a doc. My wound is still healing but it’s much better and I really was fine.

You can CHOOSE to be fine or CHOOSE to magnify your problems. Referring to yourself as sick or badly hurt increases your suffering and makes what’s wrong much worse.

I still remember, laying on the cold floor in the dark, feeling my sticky forehead with the hole in it, and thinking, “I can choose to have a serious problem or choose to be fine.” I was scared. This seemed serious. But, I remembered that I always have God’s support, calmed down, and kept repeating, “I’m fine” until I believed it. Had I caved to the fear, I might have ended up in the hospital, had stitches, an MRI, and maybe my injury would have become more serious. But if I’m going to teach others to use the power of the Law of Attraction, I had to walk the walk. And I did!

Next time you have a physical ailment, find ways to express yourself in less negative terms. Tell yourself you’re fine, over and over until you’re feeling the vibe of being fine. It may not feel that way but as it puts out you’re fine into the Law of Attraction pipeline. It might take a day or two, or more, but putting it into the pipeline makes it happen a lot faster than giving in to your ailment. When it happened, I went on with my life instead of succumbing to a need to be laid up with a bad problem. There’s still an indentation in my forehead where I lost a chunk of it. I feel healing is still happening. But each day I’m finer than the one before.

Avert a lot of suffering and anxiety by reinforcing that you’re fine. As the Law of Attraction picks up on your intention, you will be!

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