This is Post 22 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day!

Bad news is everywhere if you want to immerse yourself in it! You hear something on the news and it sticks in your head. Or someone tells you they don’t think you’ll get the job you went after because you’re not experienced enough. Messages about the bad economy can permeate your thoughts. Paying attention to negative news or input from other people triggers fear. All of this sets the Law of Attraction into negative action.

Thinking about negative situations attracts those situations to YOU.

It’s never been more important to deflect all the bad news that you’re hit with on the radio and TV! You can’t change the overall economy but you can change your response to it. You can’t make other people stop dwelling on bad news but you can stop yourself. In the midst of all the chaos in the world, I keep my own little world happy and faithful. You can too!

When you choose to create your own reality, negative news in the bigger picture of the world can’t hurt you. You can CHOOSE to attract positives by keeping your thoughts positive.

Years ago I heard Louise Hay talk about the flu. She said that every year we’re warned and warned on the news that the flu is coming to town and it will be a bad one. The rate of folks getting ill is expected to be high. After hearing it a bunch of times, people begin to prepare for getting the flu or worry about getting it. That expectation then becomes their reality as the Law of Attraction picks up on all the thoughts of the flu and brings it to those dwelling on it.

Thinking about the flu is more likely to bring you the flu. Thinking about being healthy attracts more good health.

Louise said if everyone ignored the flu season warning, it wouldn’t spread like it does. When I heard this, I finally understood why I so rarely get sick—knock wood! ? When I hear about the flu, I say thanks for being healthy. I’ve had people I know warn me not to hug them when we meet up, because they have a bad cold or the flu. I always reassure them that my intention is to remain healthy so I’m not worried, and I hug. And, knock wood again, I’ve never caught what I was warned about.

Just this weekend I got a scratchy throat and my sinuses began to clog. People warned that I’m getting sick. I affirmed that I’ll continue to be healthy and it’s better today.

This works the same with other bad news. When our economy began to tank, I did listen to the news. I began to notice I didn’t sleep as well. And I lacked energy. Subconsciously, my stress level greatly increased. At first I didn’t realize why, but knowing what I do I realized that I had to protect my health and my own little world. So I began to monitor the news. I don’t need to know the unemployment rate or which company declared bankruptcy or watch people pulled out of a fire.

When there’s a bad report on the economy or something else that’s depressing, I change the channel or mute it.

I also do that for the icky commercials featuring people with lung cancer coughing or describing their pain. I understand that organizations are trying to stop people from smoking but I don’t smoke and don’t need to share their misery. And I don’t want to hear any descriptions of people’s suffering. Since I can’t stop them from airing these commercials, I stop listening. Then I feel better!

Deflect bad news instead of attracting the negative situations into your life. Hearing about layoffs in your company can make you fearful about being laid off. That attracts being laid off. Protect your world by guarding your thoughts. How?

* Pay attention when you listen to the news or people around you discussing negative effects of the economy. You may not even be aware of it as there’s so many negative news reports and discussions that it can become normal to you. Don’t let it! Even in the background, negative news affects your thoughts, which attracts more negatives into your reality.

* Stop watching the news or limit what you watch. TV thrives on sensational news, which is often bad. I do watch the news but change the channel when it’s bad, or put it on mute. I like watching morning shows but they’ve been focusing on ways to live in this bad economy. I don’t want to hear it because I expect to live well, and do, so my remote control gets a lot of action. I’ll often switch to a music channel for safety. ?

* Walk away from negative discussions. If you’re with someone or in a group that must discuss the bad economy or other things you don’t want to attract, try to change the subject or excuse yourself and find positive folks to chat with.

* Remember that not everyone is suffering the effects of the economy and you can be one who doesn’t. Not everyone is getting laid off. If you wait for the ax to fall, it probably will. Many more people have jobs than those laid off, and still have their savings. EXPECT to be one of them!

* Look for silver linings. Losing a job can mean finding a new one doing something you like more. Some industries, like video games and other entertainment products are thriving. Or maybe you’ll collect unemployment and have time to do a project you’ve put off for ages.

* Respect money more. I had a client who lost a position that came with a very large 6-figure salary. She was used to extravagant spending and used to sneer at how could anyone live in just a studio apartment. But she learned how when she had to downsize her lifestyle and gained a lot more appreciation for inexpensive cafes, the clothing she already owned, doing inexpensive activities, and in general, learning how to budget. As her income increased later, she continued to indulge in the new habits and saved more instead of spending like crazy. It actually helped her to feel good because her gratitude increased. It’s very possible to enjoy life with less money if you let go of thoughts about how awful it is.

* Do positive affirmations. When negative news, especially about the economy, gets to you, do positive affirmations to stifle those thoughts. “It doesn’t matter how bad the situation may look. Everything will be fine for me.” “I’m safe in my job.” “Everything will work out fine!” Everything always does work out fine in the bigger picture of life.

* Subscribe to the Good News Network. Just as bad news attracts negative situations, good news attracts positive situations. They send their subscribers good news each day. Focus on good news to keep bad news out of your thoughts! Reading about good things is much more pleasant than reading about unemployment! When I read a positive bit of news, it puts a smile on my face.

Dwelling on bad news makes you feel bad, which attracts more reasons to feel bad. You can bolster your own little corner of the world by looking for reasons to have positive thoughts. Expressing gratitude for what you do have is a good start. Then let the Law of Attraction help you attract situations that give you more grounds for being grateful.

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