Inspiring Person: Deb Eiseman is the founder and artist behind Art That Heals, an inspirational brand of paintings and products.

Where She Came From: For 14 years Deb was a successful television executive, working as Joel Siegel’s producer on Good Morning America. All that changed with a taxi accident in New York City, which left Deb in debilitating chronic pain.

Where She Is Now: Deb produces a line of inspirational products, such as candles and personal checks, that bring light into the everyday lives of her many customers.

Lemonade Moment: With the purchase of a $2.98 watercolor paint set, Deb intended to bide time with a new hobby while she healed. Instead, she discovered untapped talent. “Halfway through the painting session, I looked down and thought to myself, ‘It kind of looks like I know what I am doing here!'” she says.

Make Lemonade Today: “After the accident, I came to a fork in the road where I could choose to either get bitter or get better,” says Deb. Whether the situation you’re in is huge and life altering like Deb’s, or the annoyance of being stuck in bad traffic when you’re running late, make the choice to see the light rather than the darkness (warning: it’s always easier to focus on the darkness).

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